unexpected beauty uses for vaseline singapore

Image: Showbit

#1 Tame your brows
No clear brow gel? No problem. Dab a little Vaseline along your brows and brush them into place with a brow spoolie and you’re good to go. Some people even use it as a clear mascara on the tips of their lashes: It can make your lashes look darker, fuller and more glossy while conditioning them at the same time! (Just avoid getting too close to the lash line to prevent eye irritation.)

#2 Seal split ends
If you’ve got no time for a trip to the hair salon or are trying to grow your hair out before you get it trimmed, try a little Vaseline on the split ends of your hair to seal the cuticles. Just avoid using too much or it might make your hair look greasy.

#3 A clean and fuss-free DIY manicure
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the steadiest hands or the most practice at doing your own nails. Just rub some Vaseline along your cuticles and around your nails so that any polish that gets on your skin comes off easily when the polish is dry. You can also use this technique for DIY hair dyes so the skin along your hairline doesn’t get stained.

#4 Make your perfume last longer
Perfumes “adhere” better to moisturised skin, but you don’t need the matching body lotion in the range to get the most out of your perfume. Just rub a little Vaseline into your skin where your pulse points are (wrists and behind your ear are two of the best spots for wearing perfume), and spritz away.

#5 Customise your cosmetics
Have a gorgeous sparkly eyeshadow pigment you want to wear on your lips? Or perhaps you just want to turn a powder into a cream product. Just add some Vaseline to your pigment (you can mix it in a little disposable tub or on the back of your hand in a pinch), mix away, and apply! 

#6 Make a DIY scrub
If you’ve got dry and flaky lips that need some TLC, Vaseline makes a great lip scrub when mixed with some sugar. Gently rub it across your lips in small circular motions to get rid of all the dead skin, then wipe off the excess with a damp towel or tissue. 

#7 Gently remove false lashes
If you’re a fan of false lashes, you’ll know that the removal process can be a little harsh. Tugging them off your eyelids aren’t a great idea as your eye area is incredibly delicate. If you’ve used a particularly strong lash glue or just want a gentle removal process, simply use a cotton bud to apply some Vaseline to your lash line and wait a few minutes before gently peeling the lashes off.