With every Chinese New Year, us kiasu Singaporeans find ourselves chionging (rushing, in the way we normally do for Hello Kitty), for almanacs, fish and coin trinkets, oranges and hanging lucky phrases outside our doors – all for prosperity in the new year.  

Whether we truly believe our luck is determined by these practices (believers and skeptics, let’s not argue) it’s always interesting to read about such age-old beliefs and customs. Plus, there’s no harm following them, right?

So we’ve examined six out of nine general indicators of wealth on a person’s face, known as Chinese Facial Reading and explained by The World of Feng Shui’s founder Lillian Too, to give you the lowdown on how you can increase your fortune with makeup.

Aquilano Rimondi Milan Spring 15

The first indicator of wealth on your face is how symmetrical it is. Okay, who actually has a perfectly symmetrical face? Even if it is possible, it’ll be pretty scary to look at – just do a quick “symmetrical face” search and you’ll see what I mean.

In feng shui terms however, this sign of balance means that you’re more likely to breeze through challenges in life.

Here’s how to get a more realistically symmetrical face: People struggle the most with asymmetrical eyes and brows. Beauty vloggers from Pixiwoo have done up a great guide to teach you how to balance uneven eyes, such as using different shades of shadows for contouring and drawing a thicker eye line on one eye.


For the eyebrows, it’s been long said in the beauty world that they should be treated like sisters and not identical twins. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get your eyebrows to look exactly the same. Benefit Cosmetics International Spokesperson Jared Bailey has a very useful guide on the dos-and-donts of drawing your brows.

Turns out, the sharp nose is worth nothing in feng shui. The “Money Nose” is big, round and high, indicating a large “repository of money”. Yup, like Jackie Chan. Apparently, this is a more accurate indicator of wealth for women than men, too.

Here’s how to increase the size of your money bank (Read: Nose): Go easy on the shading this time. Use a powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone and shade it a little bit further away from the bridge of your nose than you usually would. You want to also think of rounding the bulb of the nose. Then, use your highlighter and shade the tip of the nose.

While sharp noses tend to be “more desirable”, if done properly, this will not look as bad as you think. Okay, we’re kidding, we doubt you’ll do this.

Now this is what we like – it’s said that people with a prominent pearl-like protrusion at the top of their lips will be effortlessly wealthy. In Chinese culture, the pearl is said to be regarded as treasure, and is a metaphor for perfection, suggesting class and prestige.

How to get the pearl-lip: Highlight your cupids bow. For the lips, use a darker lip liner and create a small circle. Fill the circle with a lighter lip colour, then blend the two colours together. Finally, coat the lips with a sheer gloss, concentrating on the centre.

We’re sorry ladies, it has to be gloss. Why? Move along to point 4.

Bad news for matte lip lovers: You’ll have to swap your lipsticks for gloss during Chinese New Year if you want to increase your wealth.

The lips are known as the “river Huai” on the face – an auspicious waterway that needs to have a constant flow of water. Dehydrated lips indicate a lack of water in the “river”, and hence, a “drying up of luck” for a person. You see why it has to be gloss?

We think this is the best indicator yet, since no one likes chapped lips anyway, and gloss is fun, no?

Here’s how to keep the “river” flowing: There’s going to be a lot of eating, talking and gassy drinks going around during house visits, so remember to drink lots of water to keep your lips moisturised. It’ll help to curb the urge to overeat too.

Citrus fruits, in other words, oranges, will dry out your lips, so take extra care by masking them this Chinese New Year. You can easily get lip patches from almost any Korean brand, like the Cherry Cherry Lips Modeling Gel Patch from The Face Shop.

Finally, if you really can’t stand using gloss, go for a liquid lipstick. These lipgloss and lipstick hybrids have been popping up since early 2014, and they’re here to stay. My current obsession has got to be the Shu Uemura’s Lacque Supreme in CR01. This natural coral shade is beautifully pigmented with an understated shine. It instantly evens out lip lines and keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day.

Plus, the entire line was inspired by premium Japanese lacquerware. Talk about wealth!

Yay! A fortune indicator that’s in line with our quest to banish dark eye circles and brighten dull eyes. (Symmetrical face – whatever.)

Inner vitality is shown by bright eyes and a steady gaze. This vitality (your eyes) are said to be protected by arched eyebrows (sorry, K-Beauty brows need to go!), a guardian against “wandering spirits” and “jealous people”.

Here’s how to increase your energy levels: Try these new brightening eye creams that promise to brighten dark circles. You can also use undereye correctors to neutralise dark eye circles. Beauty vlogger Chiutips has a comprehensive guide on how to use them, great for those who are still confused about how correctors work.


Try Make Up For Ever’s 5 Camouflage Cream Palette in #12205 for this! 

Finally, eat your way to brighter eyes by including more foods with omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, as well as vitamins C and E. These are commonly found in green, leafy vegetables, fish, non-meat protein sources (eggs, nuts, beans) and citrus fruits.

It is believed that each section of your face represents the different years of your life, starting from the forehead to the chin. When you reach the age of 21 (and probably to about 35), the tell tale signs of fortune are the most prominent from the centre of your face.

This New Year, you’ll want to keep your cheeks prominent and “fleshy” to represent a huge fortune coming your way. Your cheekbones should also look healthy and pink.

In Lillian Too’s words, “They are in fact the luckiest when they look good enough to pinch!”

Here’s how to get lucky baby pink cheeks: Choose a coral-pink blusher with subtle light reflecting properties, which tend to look good on the majority of us Singaporeans.

Go with ettusais’ Heart Cheek Colour in Apricot, which is a flattering mixture of pink, coral and pearl-pink colours. Plus, the heart motifs could indicate a little more “wealth” in the romance department, maybe?

What are you most likely to try this Chinese New Year?

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