6 Hearts Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura

When we first reported on the creative co-mingling of spirits between two of our favourite Japanese icons, we knew on faith that it would be a collection worth stashing under our Christmas tree…and we were right!

Murakami has managed to surpass our expectations – no mean feat, given how many festive coffrets we’ve seen come and go – by creating a fully realised universe replete with manga monsters and duelling urban princesses in ridiculously cute black and pink costumes. 

The “artistic” objective of the contrasting black-and-pink colourways of the 6 Hearts Princess (henceforth referred to as 6HP) collection: To explore the naughty-and-nice duality of the modern woman. Given that this is a year-end holiday collection and Santa Claus is well, coming to town, we’ll be suppressing our inner Black Princesses…for now, at least!

6 Hearts Princess by Takashi Murakami for Shu Uemura

Now, for a real visual treat. The multimedia artist has created an animated campaign for 6HP and boy, is it wondrously whimsical, colourfully campy – and pure, unadulterated Murakami.

But first, a little cultural backgrounder. Murakami’s labour of love is an homage to “majokko”, or magical princesses, an anime subgenre that typically features schoolgirls who transform into witches when called into action – an on-the-nose metaphor for the transformative power of makeup. 

Bonus material: We’ve included a most illuminating interview with the man of the hour, in which he recounts the fascinating backstory of “majokko” and makeup. Shu Uemura’s dashing International Artistic Director, Kakuyasu Uchiide, also expands upon the conceptual idea behind 6HP, and tells us why he thinks two-faced women are “unbelievably charming”. Enjoy! 

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