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#1 Shiseido Professional Luminoforce Hair Mask, $76.
This sweet, floral-scented lightweight cream mask instantly made dyed hair softer and more vibrant.

#2 Aveda Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, $58.
If you have straw-like split ends, this hydrating mask will make them soft and smooth again. Its magic ingredient? Cupuacu butter. We use the mask as a daily conditioner when hair feels particularly dry.

#3 L’Occitane Aromachologie Body & Strength 1-Minute Intensive Care, $40.
Have only an extra minute to spare? That’s all you need with this essential-oil- infused mask – leave it on for one minute, rinse off and voila! Hair that smells fresh, and looks glossy but full.

#4 L’Oreal Paris Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Mask, $19.90.
If you like sweet-smelling treatments, this hits the spot. The vanilla-scented, botanical-oil-packed mask left our locks shiny and silky-soft but not limp.

#5 Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector, $36.
Think of this leave-in conditioning treatment with amino acids as beauty sleep for parched tresses, deeply moisturising hair overnight so you wake up to smoother, glossier locks in the morning. We love its serum-like texture – and the fact that it didn’t stain the pillowcase.

#6 Kerastase Chronologiste Creme de Regeneration, $69.
This is great for a dry scalp and parched hair that need some extra TLC. The vitamin- E-packed formula is creamy but not too thick, and has a powdery scent. Leave it on for five minutes, rinse off and you’ll have silky-smooth hair.

Photography: Darren Chang, Art Direction: Sherli Chong

This story was first published in Her World Magazine August 2015.

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