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Whether you’ve got sparse, shapeless eyebrows or thick and dense ones, they need to be groomed to stay on fleek. 

Heading to the salon every couple of weeks to trim them will leave them looking gorgeous, but it will also cost quite a bit.

Here are the steps, tips, and tools you need to save yourself the hassle of getting it done at a salon.


1) Shade your eyebrows in lightly before trimming

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If your eyebrows don’t have a very distinct shape, shading helps you portion out the parts you want to keep.

Take a soft brown or black eyebrow pencil and run it along the outlines of your brow, tapering and widening it where you like.

Make sure you do it on both brows and that you’re certain they’re even before continuing.



2) (Optional) Use a stencil to guide you

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If you’re not too confident of your drawing skills, stencils are always available to save the day. These flexible plastic cards just need to be held against your brows as you colour them in.

They come in a variety of styles – straight, arched, thin, you can find them all! (Well, almost all.)

We found a versatile kit online that you might want to consider buying.


3) Use disposable razors to get rid of stray hairs

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Great, now that you know exactly which parts of your brows you want to keep and the parts you want to get rid off, pull out a disposable razor like this one.

They’re perfect cause you don’t have to figure out a way to sharpen them when they become dull. Also, they’re pretty affordable at about a couple of dollars for a pack of three.

You can start by using your non-dominant hand to lift your eyebrow and the other hand to slowly scrape the hairs under your brow in a downward motion. You should be doing it really softly, almost like you’re brushing the hair. Make sure the blade is almost parallel to your skin. If done right with a sharp blade, the hairs will fall off.

Here’s a pro-tip: When you’re more comfortable using the razor, aim for the roots of the hair and scrape against the direction the hair is growing. You’ll find you can remove the hairs faster this way.

When you’re done with the under brow, softly scrape at the top of your brow, stopping right where you shaded your brows in. This part should be a lot easier and quicker.


4) Tweeze the hairs under your brow that are hard to get

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Try to avoid tweezing as far as possible, using it only as a last resort for hairs you can’t seem to shave off. We say this because the eyebrows are really sensitive.

But if you absolutely have to do it, know that stretching the skin helps reduce the sting. Also, remember to breathe and relax before each go.



5) (Optional) Use an electric razor for a painless trim

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We get it if you just want to avoid any pain completely. An easy way out is the Veet Electric Trimmer that comes with a slimmer razor component specifically for doing your brows.

The razor is designed in such a way that the blades would never ever touch your skin. While this is great because it there’s no pain at all, there will be a very light stubble left.

If that isn’t a deal breaker for you, invest in one. $20-$40 (depending where you buy it from) is a really good deal for a razor you can keep using in the long run.


6) Trim the top of the brow with dedicated scissors

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The final step is to trim the longer hairs off the top. Eyebrow scissors are really great for levelling your hair because they’re curved at the tip, which means you can comfortably rest the edge of your hand on the side of your face as you cut, without needing to stick your elbow out awkwardly. Buy a pair of your own online or at a shop like Guardian or Watsons.

Before you start, make sure you’re not tilting your head. (Take it from me – I’ve trimmed my brows while tilting my head down. When I lifted my head, I was shocked to see that I cut a lot more than I wanted.) Otherwise, it’s a really simple matter to see which hairs are sticking out and trim them down.
And with that, you’re done!

Say hello to your neater and cleaner brows.