6 beauty blunders and how to fix themEveryone makes beauty mistakes, sometimes without even knowing it. Here we look at the main mistakes women make when getting ready and offer tips on how to rectify them.

Uneven tan
Tan looking streaky? Try massaging mineral or baby oil into your skin to dissolve the self-tanner, then use an exfoliator.

Yellow toenails
You’ve taken off layers of varnish and discovered discoloured nails. Remove the stain with a cotton ball saturated with a few drops of both lemon juice and peroxide. In the future, use a protective base coat.

Bleeding spot
You’ve popped a zit and now it won’t stop bleeding. Apply firm pressure to stop the bleeding, and use a cold compress or an ice cube wrapped in tissue to quell swelling.

Too much gloss
Less is more when it comes to make-up, and with lip gloss you really do not want to overdo it. When your lips look like they’re about to start dripping you’ve gone too far.

Limp locks
You’ve over done the conditioner and now you have greasy looking hair. Dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water, pour it into a spray bottle (or try a saltwater-infused styling spray) and mist hair from roots to ends until it’s slightly damp. Blow-dry again to add back tons of volume.

Dirty brushes
Grime and oil can build up on your make-up brushes and result in clogged pores and spotty skin. Start cleaning your brushes once a week by using a few drops of shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and then lay flat on a paper towel to dry.