5 tips to make your Korean-style glossy lipstick last longer!

Sick of re-applying your lippie every hour or so? Try these top makeup maxims that will have you sporting budge-proof and beguiling Song Hye-kyo-worthy smackers!

Coveting the cool lip look of luminous luminary Song Hye-kyo in Descendants of the Sun, but loathe the short staying power of the pigments on your puckers?

If frequent application of lipstick has left a bad taste in your mouth, it’s time to sink your teeth into these top tips – guaranteed to make your lacquer last through a snogging session with well, Song Joong-ki himself!

1. Try a two-step mouth mask. First trick of the trade: Moisturise your mouth by giving your lips a gentle once-over with a moistened toothbrush in the shower.

Next, pamper your puckers by slathering on a generous glob of conditioning balm. Give it a good 5 minutes to sink in, then wipe off with a washcloth. The fibres of the fabric will help to dislodge dead skin and such for your smoothest smackers yet.

2. Apply a “ring” around your lips. Time for a bit of reverse lining, which is really just fancy makeup jargon for using a light liner of any sort. All you need to do is trace the natural contours of your mouth with a creamy nude pencil, then blend by patting outwards.

This invisible skin-toned barrier will stop the colour from traversing into “illegal” territory and bleeding out of your natural lip line. Reverse lining is incredibly important if you’re serious about getting your lippie to stick, so don’t skip it!

3. Boost the base with a balm. Now that your smackers are flake-free and fabulous, switch to a specific tinted treatment to create a smooth canvas for your lip colour to cling to. Product recommendation-wise, I’m really coveting Chanel’s seriously sumptuous Rouge Coco Stylo Lipstick, $49 each, a ravishing retractable pen that comes chock-a-block with comforting botanical oils and the sexiest of sheens.

4. Stain first, cream later. Laid down your base coat? Good. On to application proper. Grooming guru Larry Yeo says you should gun for a two-step ritual for a medium-shine and multidimensional sheen.

Take it from the master’s mouth herself: “Use a liquid lipstick before layering on a creamy lipstick on top,” Larry advises. “Laying down the initial stain means that there will be colour left on your lips even when the second layer of lippie wears out.”

Here’s how to put Larry’s advice into practice. Press the doe-foot applicator of your first product – Larry’s mad for Mac Cosmetics’ vivid Versicolour Stain, $43, an opulent oil-infused liquid lippie with the most gorgeous glide – right into the centre of your pout, then slide it back and forth in one smooth pendulum-like movement.

On to your second lip colour product. Swiping straight from the bullet of Laneige’s lovely Two-Tone Lip Bar, $34, start from the middle of your cupid’s bow and follow the curve down to corners of your mouth. Wait a beat, then apply a second coat; this time. Two coats should give you a flirty flush that’s really rather fetching; three or more will very nearly approach the solid intensity of a creamy lippie.

5. Blot, re-apply, blot again. Almost there! Once you’re satisfied with your bespoke hue (keep in mind that, like a mood ring for your mouth, most stains will deepen in depth over the course of a day), blot softly with a sebum-absorbing sheet – the oils in glossy formulas are the main culprits of colour slippage.

What you do is to fold a soft two-ply facial tissue in half, part your mouth, place it between your upper and lower lips, then press down gently. This blotting action wicks away oils, leaving a concentrated stain of sorts. Apply the final layer of lippie and you’re good to go.

Voila, a Goldilocks-esque stain that hits the sweet spot between wet and matte, with the added joy of being long-lasting to boot. Time to pucker up!