Eyeliner is every Singaporean OL’s must-have, and so is mascara. Don’t let your cat flicks get all the fun this month, your lashes could do with some drama too.

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We’ve asked celebrity makeup artist Andrea Claire for her top five tips on how to up your eye game with coloured mascara.

Here’s how:

Not sure what colour to get? Ask your beauty consultant to test purple, pink and green on your eyes. Andrea says that these colours suit brown eyes the best.

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Try Tom Ford Beauty’s Extreme Mascara in Black Plum and Teal Intense. These colours are “friendlier” for those just starting out because they run a little darker than the usual pop pink lashes people normally associate coloured mascaras with.

It’s also great for beauty junkies who want to get experimental with colour – see point #2 and #3!

Colour pigments in mascaras can sometimes get lost in sparse lashes, says Andrea. So she suggests adding a base layer before coating your lashes to make the colours stand out.

“I would use a coat of white mascara first, or white fibre, which will make those pigments really pop,” she said.

But beware of the powder lashes #beautyhack. This trick has been said to give an instant falsie effect and is done by first coating the lashes with a layer of powder, before mascara.

“If your powder is talc based, you can’t put it on your eyes because it can cause irritation,” said Andrea. So be sure to check on that!

Now this is one for a night out with the girls! Get dramatic lashes by contrasting the colour of your mascara and eyeshadow.

See how the purple makes the teal stand out? (By the amazing Charlotte Tilbury for Tom Ford Beauty, of course.)

“If that’s too dramatic for you, consider a version with a nude lid, so tight line with purple [eyeliner] and use a green mascara,” said Andrea. (No excuse to not try this now.)

Other pairings that’ll work well include black and pink, as well as gold and teal.

Mascaras are one of the quickest products to expire, so you’ll want to get maximum use out of it – wear it to the office.

Less dramatic colours are the easiest to wear – plum, gold and navy – but we know, beauty junkies are always tempted to shell out for a gorgeous bright hue, (especially if it’s limited edition.)

So here’s how to take the drama down a notch for the office: Use it as an “accent” colour and apply it to only one part of your lashes.

“You can mix your black mascara by adding a coloured mascara on just the lower lashes, or even in the inner corners… or just tip your lashes with colour,” said Andrea.

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The double ended mascara from RMK’s spring collection is perfect for this. One side of the tube is meant for the upper lash, while the brighter colour is on the lower lash. Brave ladies should get the brown and red pairing for an interesting match. (It’s not gaudy, I promise!) Other must-buys include the blue and pink combination and the grey and yellow pairing (said to be popular with Japanese buyers.)

If not, you can always make your own. Just mix your eyeshadow or pigment powders with a clear mascara, like Sephora’s Clear Defining Mascara. Sephora Clear Defining Mascara Tips on how to wear coloured mascara and best colours for asian skin.jpg

Then, go all out with Illamasqua’s Pure Pigment in Berber, or Make Up For Ever’s Star powder in Iridescent Fuschia for beautiful sparkle on your peepers!

Illamasqua Pure Pigment MUFE Star Powder Tips on how to wear coloured mascara and best colours Asian.pngAnd with that, here’s a final piece of advice from Andrea: “Think outside the box when using coloured mascara.” Have fun, ladies!

Andrea Claire can be contacted at aclairebeauty.com. Follow her on FacebookTwitter andInstagram

Tom Ford Beauty Extreme Mascara in Black Plum and Teal Intense, $65 each, is available at the Tom Ford Beauty counter at TANGS Orchard. For more information, visit www.tomford.com/beauty, and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

RMK w Colour Mascara in #02, #03 and #05, $65 each, is available for a limited period at all RMK counters. For more information, visit www.rmkrmk.com, and follow the brand on Facebook.

Sephora’s Clear Defining Mascara, $22, is available at all Sephora stores. For more information, visit www.sephora.sg, and follow Sephora Singapore on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Berber, $36, is available at the Illamasqua store in Ngee Ann City and the counter in Robinsons Orchard. For more information, follow Illamasqua on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Make Up For Ever Star Powder in Iridescent Fuschia, $37, is available exclusively at the Make Up For Ever Academy & Pro Loft. For more information, visit www.makeupforever.com.sg, and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.