5 Steps to fuller thicker hair in 8 hours guaranteed! B1.png

This is one freakin’ #flawless headshot. #Jealous! 

Say what you want about Angelababy, but that pint-sized prima donna’s poodle hair is truly a thing of wonder. Actually, I’ll go so far as to say she’s perfection personified – small face, big hair.

Now, we don’t all have access to Angelababy-worthy wigs, weaves and whatnot, but follow these “dye-dye” must-try tips – all tried, tested and totally foolproof! – and you’ll be waking up to wondrously bouncy curls in eight hours flat, pinky-finger promise. Psyched yet? Let’s go!

STEP 1. The night before D-day, do a “double cleanse”, which basically means shampooing, rinsing and then lathering up again.

I swear by this teeny tweak, which makes all the difference in cutting through the day’s grime and grease, all of which contribute to the deadweight dullness of limp locks. Plus it’s such a cinch to pick the right product, too; simply select volumising formulas that’ll moisturise your mane without weighing it down. And remember to suds up twice!

STEP 2. Treat your fragile post-shower follicles to some tender loving care with a serum for high-wattage shine with none of the extra weight; scrunch it into damp hair and smooth a little extra onto the ends of your tresses.

Finger comb to coat the cuticles and seal the goodness in; the whole shebang shouldn’t take you more than five minutes, tops.

5 Steps to fuller thicker hair in 8 hours guaranteed! B2.pngFor your hair-amplifying consideration: Alterna Bamboo Volume 48-Hour Sustainable Volume Spray, $38; Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil 3X Volume Cream, $18.90; O&M Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum, $39; Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe Classic Shine Gloss Serum, $22.90

STEP 3. Okay, sit up straight now, this is the standout step you must follow. Now that your head has been doused with a protective salve, divvy up your hair into quadrants and pin each section up – one on each side, one on the crown and one on the back – as you blow dry.

Retro rollers are a favourite fall-back, but you can also use discreet bobby pins to secure each swathe of hair as you curl them up towards your crown. These pins shouldn’t hurt; feel free to experiment with different configurations so you’re entirely comfortable with your head nestled against a pillow.

STEP 4. The morning after, ditch the bobby pins, flip your hair over your head, then grab a boar bristle brush to comb out any twists and tangles. Want it even bigger and bouncier?

Take the tiniest dollop of volumising cream and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect. Once you’re done, consider warming up one drop of serum between your palms and lightly skimming the salve across the surface for surpassingly silky strands.

STEP 5. Almost there! Set your souped-up ‘do with a final blast of texturising spray, and you’re done. Boom! Bouncy, more voluminous hair virtually overnight. “Hairs” hoping this story will get you out of a hairy situation. Jiayou!