5 steps to detox your hairGive your hair some TLC this summer with a pre-holiday detox.

Detox is fast becoming a buzz word for haircare products because the fact is, simply washing and styling our hair exposes it to so many different chemicals.

“Product loaded hair becomes lank and heavy,” says celebrity hair stylist Stephanie Stevenson.

“If your hair drops a curl quickly or is heavy and lacks luster, chances are it’s in need of a detox.

“Product build up can make hair heavier and that’s a fact.”

Depending on what products you’ve been using, how long you’ve been using them, and your own body chemistry, Stephanie advises that it can take two to six weeks to totally detox your hair.

“Dimethicone is the most commonly used chemical, found in 90 per cent of hair products, check the back of your bottles and there it is, that magic name that gives us our shine,” explains Stephanie.

“Dimethicone and other silicone derivatives coat your hair, trapping all of the synthetic chemicals in the hair shaft.

“This ingredient is so strong, one application of a natural shampoo won’t take it off.”

Here are Stephanie’s tips for detoxing your hair.

1. Use a gentle detox shampoo to strip the hair of any product build up.

2. Use a scalp exfoliator. Yes just like you exfoliate your skin, your scalp needs exfoliating too. Rub the scalp exfoliator into your scalp in a circular motion then make your way from the root to tip. It will feel a bit like sand to begin with, but it will do your hair wonders. Then rinse with fresh water.

3. Wash your hair again using the detox shampoo to remove any remaining scalp exfoliator

4. Use a nourishing and soothing conditioner to add moisture to your scalp and hair follicle.

5. Rinse with cold water as this will close the cuticles and add a beautiful sheen. Your hair and scalp should feel fresh, light and squeaky clean.