Quick, picture this sizzling scenario. You’re snuggling up to your beau on your bean bag. There’s the light lilt of rain slipping and sliding down your window pane. The Weeknd is warbling from your speakers. You take a deep breath, then lean in for the kill …
Flash-forward five minutes. You open your eyes to a veritable murder scene – sinister splashes of red all over his cheeks and shirt. Whoops, blame it on your lipstick!
To prevent future makeup mishaps, try these top tricks to making your lacquer last through a marathon snogging session with your boo:
First trick of the trade: Moisturise your mouth by giving your lips a gentle once-over with a moistened toothbrush in the shower. Alternatively, wipe the contours of your mouth with a wet washcloth – the fibres of the fabric will help to dislodge dead skin for your smoothest smackers yet.
Now that your smackers are flake-free and fabulous, switch to a conditioning balm to create a smooth canvas for your lip colour to cling to. Maybelline’s lovely Lip Flush Lipsticks, $14.90 in six awesome Asian-friendly shades, is a fabulous option for imparting a hint of a tint. Even better, it’s also stuffed with soothing and shine-enhancing shea butter – said to quench your lips with 12 full hours of moisture – for the sexiest of sheens.
Time for a bit of reverse lining, which is really just fancy makeup jargon for using a light liner of any sort. All you need to do is trace the natural contours of your mouth with a creamy nude pencil, then blend by patting outwards. This skin-toned ring around your lips will stop the colour from bleeding out of your natural lip line. Reverse lining is incredibly important if you’re serious about getting your lippie to last, so don’t skip it!
Take a leaf from your favourite K-Drama and try on a gradient lip for size. This Korean trend is incredibly easy to execute with the right tools, too – think Maybelline’s Bitten Lips Lipsticks, $16.90 each in six sensuous shades. This superheroine of a star product is a joy to use with its comfortably creamy consistency – the brand says it’ll provide a solid 12 hours of hydration. Even better, it’ll drench your smackers in a three-tone, multi-dimensional hue – a very modern makeup approach compared to the one-dimensional flatness of single-hue lipsticks.
To use, simply swipe straight from the bullet with the darkest shade downwards on the upper lip, starting from the middle of your cupid’s bow and following the curves down to corners of your mouth. For the lower lip, switch sides and apply the darkest shade upwards, sliding back and forth in smooth pendulum-like movements. The colour is buildable, too – two coats should give you a flirty flush that’s really rather fetching. In any case, this darling drugstore lippie will afford you a Goldilocks-esque stain that hits the sweet spot between wet and matte, with the added joy of being long-lasting to boot.
One last thing: Both the Lip Flush and Bitten Lips boast the first “food-grade” ingredients for lippies in the mass market. Then there’s the flirtatious fruity scent of the lipstick itself, which just adds to the deliciously addictive allure of the application process. The implication? You and your lover will be just fine “eating” the lippie off your lips. Time to pucker up!

Maybelline Lip Flush Lipsticks and Bitten Lips Lipsticks can be enjoyed at a launch promotional price of $12.90 and $14.90 respectively in the month of July. (That means $2 off each lipstick during the launch month!)

Maybelline Lip Flush Lipsticks and Bitten Lips Lipsticks are available at selected Watsons, Guardian, SASA, FairPrice and Department stores.