The continuous cycle of working late, staying up late to catch your favourite Netflix series, and waking up early the next day can take a toll on you and your beauty routine. If your triple-shot espresso can’t wake you up, here are some makeup and skincare that can energise your face so you don’t look (or feel) like a walking zombie by the time Wednesday rolls by.

1. Toner

No time for pulling your hair back or getting your face wet? Soak a cotton pad into your toner and cleanse your face before moisturiser. We don’t suggest doing this every morning, but when push comes to shove, toners like the DrGL Toner Lightening ($168) can help to give you that refreshing boost to kick start your morning while getting rid of excess sebum from the night before.

2.       Facial mist that doubles up as a primer and setting spray

When you are running short of time, a dewy complexion is your go-to look. Rather than applying a luminous primer or highlighter, spritz your face with a facial mist like the Tarte Rainforest of The Sea Marine Boosting Mist 4-in-1 Setting Mist ($38) to help set your makeup and impart a fresh and healthy glow.

3.       Tinted moisturiser with SPF

If you are looking a little pale, give your pasty complexion a boost with a lightweight tinted moisturiser with SPF that will protect you from the harmful UV rays. A broad spectrum tinted moisturiser like the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Tint Cream with SPF 30 ($43) means will help shave time off your morning routine because you don’t have to apply moisturiser and sunscreen separately. It will also help you to brighten your complexion and help you to look more awake.

4.       Gel stick that will de-puff and brighten tired eyes

A cooling eye cream is a must if you are in constant dire need of sleep. This caffeine infused cooling rollerball helps to de-puff and decrease under-eye swelling to make you look more refreshed in minutes. It also helps to restore your natural glow and brighten your eyes so no one can tell you are running on empty.

5.       Eyelash curler

Photo: 123rf

To give your eyes the wide-open, fresh-faced look in the morning, pick up an eyelash curler from the drugstore of beauty supplies store. It will take you around five to ten seconds per eye, making it one of the quickest and most effective beauty tricks around.