With every special occasion, it’s normal for us ladies to start grooming ourselves months before the big event. The trouble is, however, that there’s always a chance of a huge beauty boo-boo right before the date. So what do you do?

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We’ve got five quick-fix solutions for you this Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day:

This always happens during the Chinese New Year season – hair appointments are booked up early and you’re forced to do your hair a month earlier. While it’s not that big of an issue for those who perm and colour their hair – it’ll still look fresh if you treat it right – there’s no escaping the long, awkward fringe that annoyingly appears exactly at the start of the holidays. And those celebrating CNY, you know what this means – you’re stuck with it until the period is over.

Well, the first way to solve the problem is to look for a salon which offers a complimentary fringe-trim after your regular hair cut, such as Kim Robinson. Clients of the salon are allowed to return within seven days of their hair cut for a quick fringe “touch-up” with no extra surcharge.

If your regular salon does not offer such a service however, try the Etude House Hot Style Bangs Kit. This kit comes with a clip complete with a “spirit level” – you know, that bubble meter to tell if an object is straight – and proper scissors to cut your hair. (Kitchen and paper scissors are a definite no-no!) Just remember to cut your hair in small sections and to not let your fringe go above your eyebrows!

You know, when you feel like you need a purifying mask, but don’t want to run the risk of drying your skin out too much? Try Innisfree’s Black Purifying mask. Unlike most detox masks – mud or clay that you have to wash-off – this one comes in the form of a sheet mask.

The essence in the mask contains both charcoal and anti-oxidants to absorb impurities and nourish the skin at the same time. So you don’t have to worry about having dehydrated skin from overusing a clay or mud mask the next day!

The same issue with hair appointments – nail salons are all booked up and festive period surcharges are crazy! We’ve got a nifty guide right here to show you how you can get perfectly manicured nails at home.

If all the filing and painting is too much work for you, or if you want more glam to your nails, then the next best option is nail stickers. It’s the most convenient and fail-proof way of getting perfectly designed nails in under 15 minutes. You can get creative with them with this must-try nail trend, too! Plus, they tend to last for 10 days – just enough time to last through the festive season.

Sometimes, it just isn’t necessary to sit in a salon to get your roots touched up, so do it at home with Liese’s Blaune Treatment Cream Colour.

This DIY hair colour contains more than 60 per cent of a treatment base, which nourishes hair while colouring. And if you’re worried about grey hair, this will cover them too!

You can just apply the colour to your roots and keep the rest of the hair dye – it comes in a re-sealable tube – for future use. Handy, right?

Now, you don’t want to look puffy in CNY and V’Day #wefies, right? Get yourself one of Peter Thomas Roth’s Cucumber De-Tox De-Puffing Eye-Cubes. Just pop one of them in the freezer the night before. In the morning, use the frozen cube to massage around your eyes and along the sides of your face.

As the cube melts, the soothing ingredients of cucumber, chamomile, green tea and aloe immediately calms your skin, while caffeine helps to de-puff.

So ladies, you’re now better equipped to banish the big beauty boo-boo before the big occasion!

Photography: Wong Weiliang; Art direction: Niki Bruce; Styling: Hong Xinying, assisted by Bernice Lam; Hair and makeup: Dollei Seah and Evelyn Liu of Makeup Entourage (9111 1919), using Redken and Shu Uemura; Model: Liu Yijun/ Nu Models

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