These are the products that you will never shove into the drawer because they’re just too cute!

We were once told never to judge a book by its cover, and then as we grown older, we learnt not to judge a moisturizer by its bottle because sometimes the best products come in really unattractive (fugly) packaging. While effectiveness is the main consideration of a product purchase, at the end of the day,  we are all still guilty for being suckers for attractive packaging.

Well, think about this: If the beauty goodies of your choice are capable to perk up your skin, lips, body as well as your soul every time you look at them, why not?! Ahead, we found 5 beauty products with the cutest packaging that these brands have to offer. Look at them at your own risk because they are way too cute to not display on your vanity table!


1. Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick

Who would’ve thought of putting lipstick in a wine bottle?! As adorbs as it seems, these lippies are really packed with Chateau Margaux Wine extract. Apart from the beautiful swatches, it also includes a sponge smudge tip to add a gradient effect or to clean up any lipstick bleeding with concealer!


2. Tony Moly Delight Dalcom Banana Pong Dang Lip Balm

As if the exterior isn’t obvious enough, the banana extract, coconut oil and milk protein extract sof the lip balm are gonna make you feel like you just want to munch on a milky banana.


3. The Face Shop: Lovely Me:Ex Dessert Lip Balm

We are totally obsessed with this Dessert Lip Balm! Super cute and it even comes with a teeny-tiny honey dipper to scoop up the sweet and sugary balm. Yums~


4. Too Cool For School Art Class Lip Crayon Lipstick

Missing art class in school? These super sheer crayon looking glosses allows you to wear the color alone or mix the colors like how we used to do, and your lips would be the canvas for your masterpieces.


5. Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel

The egg-inspired exterior brings a statement that it can help to achieve smooth skin like a peeled egg. The pore contraction of an egg is known to be effective for diminishing the visibility of open pores and tightens the skin by massaging the peeling gel gently to the skin for dead skin cells to slide off.

TTYL peeps, off to add all 5 items into our shopping cart RN.


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