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Rui En may be famously and fabulously forthright, but don’t you dare brandish that “black face” epithet at her. (When quizzed on the by-now notorious kerfuffle, the damsel demurred with a “no comment”, so we’ll leave it at that.)

Then there’s the skin situation. Having inspected her mug up close on a couple of press pow-wows, I’m happy to report that Rui En is far from black-faced in the literal sense; indeed, her complexion is well-nigh flawless.

Being blessed with a mien that’s molded from porcelain (not to mention tresses that tumble like Rapunzel’s) must come in very handy when you’re the first Singaporean face for L’Oréal Paris’ skincare-slash-makeup campaigns – for the third year and counting, to boot. Gongxi!

Here are some tantalising tidbits we’ve discovered about our mane maiden of the hour:

And the award for Best Hair on a dude goes to … This two-time Best Actress champ at the annual Singapore Star Awards doesn’t suffer fools (or foolish questions, for that matter).

When pressed to nominate a male co-star with the strongest hair game in real life, Rui En’s rejoinder is deliciously tart: “Sorry, I haven’t really been paying attention.” Okay then, duly noted!

Speaking of awards, you have Rui En’s glam squad to thank for her acting accolades. Intriguingly, Rui En says her hair plays a plum role in getting into the psyche of a character: “Hair is an incredibly vital part of imaging. Colour and cut contribute towards the character. I consider it one of the most important elements in shaping a role.”

Obligatory shout-out: You can catch Rui En in all her mane glory on tellie in the on-going The Worlds of Georgette Chen, a three-part docu-drama on the eponymous artist.

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She’s all about lubing up. Her lifesaver for thinning tresses? Take it from the lush-locked lass herself: “Use a leave-on oil after showering and before styling your hair to protect it from heat and styling products. I use the Leave On Oil Serum from Total Repair 5 to help with damage and dryness. I also use a hair mask regularly; I’ve been using the Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask once every three days.”

This star likes to shine. Oh, and her obsession with oils spills over onto the red carpet too, where she says she likes letting her hair down: “The Extraordinary Oil Gold works great by instantly smoothing frizziness and giving shine [when it’s let down for public appearances].” Spoken like a true brand ambassador. As far as best beauty practices are concerned, though, this is as good as it gets!

And as for those plastic surgery rumours … Catty industry commentators have long murmured about the provenance of Rui En’s eggshell-smooth forehead, but the actress insists she’s a proponent of “natural” beauty – and we’re inclined to believe her.

To wit: “What’s the point of being unhappy with something you can’t change? Sure, you can change a lot nowadays. But life is about so much more than that.” That’s some #QOTD-worthy stuff right there! 

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