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My personal goal for my skin is to have it look great without makeup. When I mean great, I mean I want to have luminous, glowy skin ━ just like the models and celebs you see on billboards and in advertisements. I used to think that that type of skin was only attainable by using photoshop, but now I know it isn’t; you just need to know the right products to use.

I was born with relatively fair skin, so I never really saw the need to use brightening products. However, I’ve now discovered that even if you’re fair, or if you’re fortunate enough not to have any excess pigmentation issues, brightening products will still work for you.

You see, brightening products work to even out your skin tone and give you a radiant glow. So even if you’re naturally tanned, these products help to even out discolouration and perk up lackluster skin ━ they aren’t just for the girls who want fair skin, or for people fighting dark spots.

Brightening skin care products, unfortunately, are also generally expensive, but I’ve discovered a list of brightening skin care buys that will work for every budget.

b.liv Bright is Right Face Mask, $17.90

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Although it is famous for its blackhead melting serum, b.liv actually has a stellar mask collection that is often raved about. Most whitening face masks contain ingredients that will dry out certain skin types, however, b.liv’s Bright is Right mask is infused with silk protein ━ an ingredient that supposedly binds moisture to your skin. The brand says that this these mask uses black pearl and vitamins B and C to restore your skin’s radiance, while moisturising fruit extracts hydrate your skin from the inside out. So you don’t have to worry about drying out your skin with this mask!

ZA True White EX Essence Lotion, $21.90

fig_whitening_essence_lotion B.pngZA’s True White EX Essence Lotion might just be the brand’s latest all-star product. ZA’s reformulated EX Essence Lotion combines a whitening lotion, essence, and emulsion, all in one product. The product does this by suspending micro-molecules (that hold essence and emulsions) in a lotion, so you get all three benefits in one product. The suspended molecules also mean that the ingredients are only released when massaged into your skin ━ I like to think this increases its efficacy and quality. Either way, the product is made with Shiseido’s very own Whitening 4MSK, a brightening ingredient that took 13 years to create. This key ingredient is found in Shiseido’s own line of brightening products as well. Together with white lily extract, the brand claims the Essence Lotion will banish scars and even skin tones in record breaking time.

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, $45.90

Neutrogena Clinical FF Radiance Essence B.pngNeutrogena’s Clinical Fine Fairness is the new brightening range from the famous brand. The brightening range taps on Neutrogena’s new technology in dispersing melanin while stopping production at its core. My pick from this range is the Radiance Essence, a serum containing a concentrate of “vital-ions” and lily nectar (white lily extract with vitamin C). Neutrogena claims that these two ingredients “will boost the skin’s energy supply, revitalising the skin’s cellular reproduction process while dispersing signs of discoloration”.

Kose Sekkisei Cream, $82

The classic whitening product encapsulated in a blue bottle, Kose’s Sekkisei cream is a blend of Asian herbs. Like all products in the Sekkisei range, Kose’s cream uses brightening ingredients like Angelica root and Coix seed extract to give your skin a burst of radiance. The difference in this cream however, is the use of Cordyceps and Korean Ginseng extracts. These herbs are said to boost the skin’s resilience and prevent its dullness. Furthermore, the water-based cream is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, making it perfect for our humid weather!

Lancôme Blanc Expert Melanolyser III, $160

Tube 30ml Spot Eraser BEX Asie (DBD) B.pngThe heavy weight in brightening, Lancôme’s Blanc Expert Melanolyser is a spot corrector that has been around since 1997. The Melanolyser has reinvented its formula ever since it was introduced, and the latest version uses a five pronged approach to target unwanted pigmentation. Lancôme claims that melanolysis (the degradation of melanin grains) plays a key role in dissolving dark spots. With this in mind, the brand developed a system to speed up this natural process of breaking down melanin and transporting out of the body. By amplifying a natural process in the body, Lancôme says this results in pigmentation continuing to be reduced and diminished even after you stop using the product.

b.liv Bright is Right Face Mask, $17.95 per box, is available at all Sa Sa stores and online at www.bliv.com/sg. For more information, visit www.bliv.com/sg/ and follow the brand on Facebook.

KOSÉ Sekkisei cream, $82, is available from all KOSÉ counters. For more information, visit www.kose.com.sg and follow the brand on Facebook.  

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, $45.90, is available at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets. For more information, visit www.neutrogena.com and follow the brand on Facebook.

Lancôme Blanc Expert Melanolyser III Integral Whiteness Spot Eraser, $160 for 30ml and $195 for 50ml, is available at all Lancôme counters. For more information, visit www.lancome.com.sg and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

ZA True White EX Essence Lotion, $21.90, is available at all Watsons stores. For more information, visit www.za-cosmetics.com and follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter.