You’re not alone if the first thing you did post-Brexit was to book the cheapest flight to London – us Singaporeans know a good deal when we see one, right?

I had the fortune of visiting London with the lovely team from Chanel some time back, during which I met up with Lucia Pica, Chanel’s newly minted global creative makeup and colour designer who now calls London her home. During my time there, I visited a number of places some recommended by Picia as well as heritage sights in London, all of which you may want to work into your itinerary.

P.S.: If you haven’t already checked out Pica’s first colour collection for Chanel the evocatively named Le Rouge Collection No. 1 get to it! I’m including my picks from the collection to wear to said places below all the better for a great Instagram snapshot or three.

All on-site images: Charmaine Lee

1. Stay at the Rosewood London

This plush five-star hotel captured my heart with its full marble staircase, beautiful rose-bronze entrance gallery and friendly resident pooch Pearl. (I’m a huge dog lover!)

Wear: Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Rouge Brule, $52. This gorgeous metallic copper-orange shadow is reminiscent of the rose-bronze entrance gallery when the morning light hits, and boasts enough depth and dimension to wear on its own dab a little into the centre of your lids and blend well for a soft sheen of colour.

2. Visit the Whitechapel Gallery

Get your dose of art and culture at the Whitechapel Gallery, a prestigious institution which has hosted works from iconic artists the likes of Pablo Picasso and Frida Kahlo. One notable exhibition we saw during my trip was American artist Keith Sonnier’s Light Works (ends September 11 2016), an installation of intriguing three-dimensional drawings jazzed up with dazzling neon lights. 

Wear: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Rouge in Charnel, $49. Make your face a contemporary work of art unto itself by swiping on this blue-toned, true-red lippie – a classic hue given a modern twist with its cool satiny finish.

3. Eat your way through Borough Market

No travel story is complete without a pit-stop for food. Head to Borough Market, one of the oldest and largest markets in London, and spend an afternoon browsing and sampling the fresh and delicious produce on offer.

Wear: Chanel Dimensions de Chanel in Subversif, $53. A few coats of this brown-black mascara will give you instantly defined and beguilingly lush lashes – all the better to bat your eyes with and perhaps haggle for a better deal!

4. Admire the street art decorating East London

Massive murals – some spanning the width of entire buildings! – will take your breath away, but the fun is in the hunt for the more inconspicuous pieces (@invaderwashere, we’re looking at you!). The best way to explore every nook and cranny is on foot, so make sure you’re kitted up in your most comfy pair of shoes.

Wear: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Candeur et Experience, $90. Conventional makeup “rules” need not apply when it comes to using this eyeshadow quad with its infinitely versatile brick-red, taupe, and brown shades – simply mix and blend as you please. You can be as subtle or as outrageous as you please – either way, you’ll fit right in with the hip crowd that frequents this achingly cool district.

5. Shop vintage at Blitz London

I could spend a whole day poring over the treasures in this vintage store – one of the biggest and cleanest (no funky smells here!) – I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Racks upon racks of pre-loved denim and vintage tees are yours to discover, and if you’re tired from browsing, the milkshakes from the little in-store cafe are all kinds of fabulous.

Wear: Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Eros, $36. You won’t want to be smearing makeup all over these pretty vintage pieces when you’re trying them on for size, so a quick swipe of this metallic russet eyeliner to make your peepers look brighter is all you need. Have fun!