“The thing about women is that they wear either too much or too little makeup,” remarked renowned Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist, Kevin Chou.

Here to conduct a series of workshops using the L’egere brand of skincare and makeup products, the resident skincare and makeup guru on Nu Ren Wo Zui Da, a popular Taiwanese beauty and fashion series, was affable and forthcoming with his beauty tips at our interview.

Affectionately referred to as “Kevin lao shi” by his sizeable following – or “teacher Kevin” in English – and with over 10 years of experience under his belt, it’s no wonder Kevin is highly sought after by top celebrities like Maggie Q, Zhang Ziyi and Alyssa Chia to work his magic on them.

We speak with him as he shares his observations and trade secrets that even celebrities love with us:

1. Stay cool in the heat
Singaporean women have oilier skin compared to the Taiwanese women Kevin is used to working with because of the great contrast between the very cool and dry atmosphere indoors and the humid yet scorching environment outdoors. This constant fluctuation in body temperature wrecks havoc on our skin by causing it to secrete more oil than it normally would.

Aside from using oil-free products to combat the grease, Kevin recommends washing your face with cold water in the morning or using a cooling mist to set your makeup. Keeping your face cool prevents your sebaceous glands from being agitated and can help in keeping your face matte throughout the day.

One of Kevin’s beauty secrets is to put a dry face towel in an airtight bag and leave it in the freezer. Place the cold towel on your face for a minute before applying your makeup, and you will find that your makeup stays on longer throughout the day.

2.  Solid foundation techniques
“Singaporean women prefer a Western-influenced look, with neutral, matte colour palettes instead of bright colours and shimmer like in Taiwan,” observed Kevin. For a natural look with moderate coverage, use BB cream in place of foundation.

Many women make the mistake of applying it in a uniform thickness all over the face, making the contrast between your face and neck more apparent. Instead, start from centre of your face, working your way out and blending well. Gradually use less product as you near the perimeter of your face for sheerer coverage and to give the illusion of natural shading.

3. Colour your world … but not too much
Play up your features, but take care not to overwhelm them. Asian women have less prominent facial features compared to our Western counterparts, so go easy on the heavy eyeliner, smoky eye shading, and intense lip colours as they will only overwhelm the rest of your features instead of bringing them out.

Also remember that blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks and swept along your cheekbones instead of under, as the latter technique is only used to contour very prominent bone structures.

4. A little distance goes a long way
While every woman strives to perfect her makeup, be sure to check that it complements the rest of your outfit on the whole as well. Stand about one metre away from a full-length mirror – because that is the distance most people will view you from – and make sure the top and bottom halves of your outfit match.

As Kevin so wisely quipped: “A little distance helps in every situation, even in relationships.”

5. Money doesn’t equal beauty
Kevin believes that you don’t need to spend a bomb on beauty products and makeup to look good. The secret to making the best of any product is to use the correct technique when applying it. An expensive product paired with the wrong application techniques will only defeat the purpose.

Using a variety of products on his clients that range from drugstore brands to the high-end stuff, Kevin mentioned that as long as the product is manufactured by a reputable company and is suitable for your skin type, you shouldn’t have to spend beyond your means to look good.