Short on time? Here’s how to skip straight from burpees to the boardroom; the pump room to well, The Pump Room.

Tip #1. So uh, conventional wisdom holds that makeup isn’t kosher in the gym because it’ll clog pores and you’ll sprout spots in the process. Well, conventional wisdom is wrong with a capital W – you’re in for a ‘nude’ awakening with most foundation formulas these days, which are expressly designed to be non-comodogenic (read: skin-friendly) and are fabulously featherweight to boot. Try lacquering on a thin layer of say, Clarins’ Skin Illusion Foundation for a lustrous luminosity and a super supple second-skin effect that reads as “real”, even up close (hello, sexy stud on the treadmill next to ours).

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Tip #2. Face flushed from straining and stretching? (Go, girl!) Good news: The body heat generated from exercise also softens strands and loosens up hair cuticles, so your post-workout shower is actually a superb time to condition your coiffure.

Give your hair a quick rinse, then run a lightweight leave-in conditioner or mask through the tips of your tresses; I’m obsessed with the silky sheen afforded by a delectable dollop of L’Oréal Paris’ Extraordinary Oil Balm Hair Mask. Sponge off any excess and you’re good to go.

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Tip #3. Forgot to bring along your hairstyling swag? If you’ve already spritzed serums, sprays and such on your hair, simply wet your palms with warm water and run your fingers through your fringe or wherever you think you need a little touching up. The dampness will detangle knots and reactivate your pre-workout products for instant rehydration.

If you think your locks still need a little something-something, massaging a pinch of cuticle-conditioning hand cream into the ends will do in a jiffy – but use a light hand, so to speak, so you don’t end up with a greasy mop.

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Tip #4. Skipped deodorant? No sweat; you’re in luck if you have dry shampoo stashed in your kit. Now, dry shampoo is a truly miraculous multi-purpose superhero: Use it to liven up your locks, then sprinkle a smidgen over funk-prone zones like your socks and the soles of your shoes; the sebum-sopping talcum and other oil absorbers in most formulas are fab for getting rid of iffy odours.

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Tip #5. Taking the plunge and going #makeupfree? If you’re comfortable with your workout buddies, do as I do and slap on a decongesting charcoal mask – try Annie’s Way Charcoal Black Jelly Mask – prior to your exertions.

All that huffing, puffing and perspiring will open up your pores, allowing said charcoal mask to get really deep under the skin to clear out unwanted riff-raff. When you’re done with your reps, hop into the shower to splash off any charcoal residue, for the most thorough cleanse yet.

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Tip #6. Saving an oldie-but-goodie for last. Can’t be arsed to lather up after your workout? Be considerate to the sensibilities of your colleagues by making the effort to at least swipe a toner-soaked cotton swab under your pits; the antibacterial astringent stamps out the stink and may even (temporarily) tighten underarm flab for a mini-armpit “lift”!

Bonus reminder: Finally, it’d be remiss not to mention an important PSA: Sorry, but the reapplication of sunscreen after sweating is absolutely non-negotiable.

Make this erstwhile chore easier for yourself by zeroing in on featherweight formulas like Lancome’s lovely UV Expert XL-Shield Fresh UV Aqua Gel SPF 50/ PA++++, which feels fantastic on “heaty” skin thanks to its cooling menthol-like effect. Cheers to being fresh and fabulous, lean and lithe!