5 best hairstyles for hot Singapore weather in 5 minutes or less thumb

It’s no secret that Singapore weather isn’t the friendliest when it comes to hair. The humidity causes hair to frizz and become uncooperative, as well as limp and dry.

Whether we crave long silky smooth locks or beachy waves, I’m sure we share the same sentiment about what our weather does to our hair. Find out which five looks we love that won’t take too much time to achieve. The best part? They work for both day and night!

#1 Keep it off your face with a headband

You could put your hair in a loose bun or even leave it down, but a simple headband does wonders for controlling flyaways and giving your look a bit more pizzaz. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this accessory, with options a-plenty! Try a beaded fabric headband for a more romantic look or a dark feathered one for something more night-time glamour.

#2 Put it in a fishtail

If the fishtail braid seems challenging to you, check out our quick tutorial on the easiest way to tie a fishtail braid for your hair. You can choose to leave some bits of your fringe loose to frame your face or slick it all back.

#3 Try a top knot

Top knots aren’t difficult to do and can look very effortless. Plus the way your hair is pulled back for a bun on top gives the illusion of a lifted face. If you want it sleeker, try a “hair doughnut” (you can find these in the accessories section of most of your fast fashion stores like H&M) for a perfectly round and smooth bun.

#4 Tie a cord around your ponytail

Anyone remember when this was a trend we discovered in school? You simply tie your hair into a ponytail at the base of your neck, and wrap a cord around the ponytail in a criss-cross fashion until the bottom before securing it with another rubber band. Holds everything in place and even looks good when pesky hairs escape the confines of the cord.

#5 Pin back your fringe

Hairclips aren’t just for kids or keeping your hair back while applying makeup and your nightly skincare routine. There are plenty of glitzy and glittery clip options out there too! The resulting look can be quite edgy, depending on the design you choose, of course.

Want to know how to get your hair as healthy as possible in Singapore weather? This is the best monthly routine for oily scalp and dry hair, by a local salon owner.

Images: Showbit.com