#1 Tina Yong

I love how easy to follow Tina’s videos are, and also her incredibly soothing voice. Her videos are the perfect place to start if you’re new to makeup and want to learn the fundamentals. She does several types of videos ranging from makeup basics to first impressions of products, as well as a series of beauty hack videos that are also very useful, like foundation, eyeliner and eyeshadow hacks.


#2 Wengie

Bridging the world of Eastern and Western makeup looks, Wengie is a super cute Australian Youtuber with an endearing personality that lends itself well to the most entertaining videos. Her makeup looks range from soft and natural to glam and vampy and she’s not afraid to get a bit silly. She’s got amazing tips for Korean beauty looks, such as how to get double eyelids and a V-shaped face, as well as how best to massage your face for a slimmer jawline. Check out the video below for her review on three methods for achieving double eyelids.


#3 From Head to Toe 

Jen Chae isn’t just about beauty how-tos; she throws in a mix of personal and style-related videos as well. While most of the Youtubers on this list have mono or single eyelids, she doesn’t bother faking double eyelids and keeps most of her tutorials strictly for single eyelids. She does have a very accessible and down-to-earth approach to her videos, and while many of her recent videos are about her pregnancy, she’s got some great on-trend tutorials and videos featuring her monthly beauty favourites. Take a look at her video on how to enhance mono eyelids below.


#4 Meejmuse

A recent discovery for me, Meejmuse (whose real name is Jen) has all the K-Pop-inspired makeup tutorials you could want, as well as the latest products and beauty trends to try out. The Australian-born Korean is in love with all things relating to Korean beauty, having moved to Korea last year and starting a video series on K-Beauty reviews. Check out her favourite Innisfree products in the first installment below. 


#5 BubzBeauty

Irish-born Youtuber Lindy Tsang has been doing videos for almost nine years now, and while she doesn’t post as often (three to four videos a month on average) and has a mix of lifestyle videos, her tutorials are incredibly easy to follow and perfect for girls with slightly hooded eyelids. Watch the video below to see how she gets a beauty filter-effect makeup look inspired by Descendants of the Sun’s Song Hye Kyo.