The world of YouTube is vast, strange, and difficult to navigate. Sometimes you just unknowingly end up on the weird side of YouTube, watching a 10 hour remix of a fat man belching the alphabet. Don’t fret, we’ve done up a list of the most weird (and wonderful) YouTube beauty gurus to keep you on the straight and maybe not-so-narrow.


Cutepolish was the mysterious nail fanatic who never showed her face in her videos. Her videos are perfect and flawless – her nail beds, cuticles and nail style were always immaculate! In May 2014, she finally ended the dramatic speculation of what she looked like in real life with her watermelon nails video.

  1. SASAKIASAHI (formerly Manwomanfilm)

I love watching Asahi because her videos are always super packed with tips and on-pointe information about products. I first saw her Asahi lab video two years ago and it is just as relevant and funny today.


She is the very definition of what we imagine a fun mum would be like. With her current, cropped blue hair and super realistic makeup transformations, you could say that her videos are really (excuse the pun) eye candy!


Claire Marshall is super cool. On top of being high of the list of my girl crushes, this girl makes a mean video, with editing skillz and eyebrow game so high you want to fall from the sky. Her  ‘What’s in my travel makeup bag’ video embodies the sheer genius of her filmographic art sense. Simple, to the point and eye catching, with great music to boot! (Did I mention my major crush on her amazing black boots collection?)


This adorable 22-year-old Brit is hard to pin down. On top making cutesy beauty videos, Zoe is orbs of kawaii whenever she makes collaborations with highly acclaimed comedy YouTubers such as Joey Graceffa, Miranda Sings and king of YouTube Tyler Oakley.