It’s no secret that there are certain smells which appeal to men more than others. No, we’re not talking about durians or smelly tofu. We’re referring to delicious scents that will attract them like bees to honey. Spray these on and you can be sure it will make them go gaga.


#1 – Near by GAP, $56 for 50ml
White peach, Brazilian green mandarin and pink peonies – sound delicious already? This extremely light scent makes us think we’ve walked into a garden full of fruits and flowers in bloom. It even goes perfectly well with our maxi-dresses, sunnies and a cocktail in our hand when we’re lounging by the beach with the man of our choice.

The top note of white peach and Brazilian green mandarin also boasts a hint of Clementine, while the middle note is mainly made up of peony petals and a light musk.

Spritz on this lush, fruity scent to whet your date’s appetite without overpowering his senses.



#2 – Wildbloom Eau de Parfum by Banana Republic, $89 for 50ml
This sweet scent is everything a woman wants and a man craves.

Developed by leading perfumer Jean-Claude Delville of Drom, he composed the scent around Wild Camellia, an ingredient which is fresh and seductive at the same time.

The sparkling citrus notes that hit you at first spritz are courtesy of fruits like pink grapefruit, guava, pear skin and kumquat. The middle floral notes wash over you after awhile, with sweet hints of watery Hydrangeas, blue Orchids and Wild Camellia.

The sweetness is balanced out by the lingering base notes which features patchouli, sandalwood and radiant musk.

If you’re trying to leave a lasting impression on your date, this is definitely your pick.


#3 – Elie Saab Le Parfum, $150 for 50ml
The couture house’s first fragrance is one that is luxe and splendid. The bottle, with its many facets, speaks for itself.

More suited for the evenings, the woody and floral scent evokes warmth and sensuality. The orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, cedar and rose honey notes work in tandem to produce an addictive yet elegant scent.

Leave him wanting more by spraying on this scent which spells mystery, sophistication and irresistible allure.

(Available from September onwards)




#4 – Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette, $145 for 100ml
If the ad visuals are anything to go by, we may very well look like the uber sexy Tamara Mellon, the founder of the brand, by the time we’re done with the bottle of perfume. Well, that is, oozing with sex appeal and confidence.

The signature fragrance of the brand captures glamour, strength and beauty all in one bottle. The base notes of Cedar come through more evidently, leaving a musky lingering scent on the skin. It is then topped off with a crisp green notes and sparkling ginger.

A confident, feminine and seductive scent – your man will not stand a chance once you’ve got this on.




#5  Guess Seductive Wild Summer, $82 for 50ml

A cocktail of mouth-watering ingredients like Lychee, Pear and Red Berries form the top layer of scent. Throw in flowers like Rose, Orange Flower and Jasmine, followed by a base note of Vanilla, Cashmere Wood and musks, you get one intoxicating concoction.

This scent is lightweight, floral and musky without being taken too seriously. It’s fresh, flirty and makes you feel all girly all over.

We think it’s perfect for snagging that holiday fling, nothing too serious, and when associated with a vacation, the scent will always remind you of a good time.