Next time you’re freaking out about a telling off from your boss or a disagreement with your other half, don’t crack open that tub of ice cream or get your credit card out for a ‘therapeutic’ splurge, because the answer to inner-peace is in your bathroom. If you thought a shower was only for that five-minute rinse in the mornings, think again. It doesn’t have to be a relaxing hour-long bath; a power shower could be just as effective! We reveal some tricks for making the most out of yours.

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Image: Cover Media

Get vocal

It might sound crazy, but there are scientists out there that have conducted ACTUAL studies to prove that singing in the shower boosts your mood. So tell your neighbours to get some earplugs and let your inner Mariah out.

Experts claim it’s as relaxing as yoga thanks to all those endorphins you release and the way it lowers your levels of stress hormone cortisol. And if one of your stresses is ageing, you’ll be pleased to hear it also keeps you young! In a study of a town with very high life-expectancy rates, it was found many of the inhabitants sang on a regular basis. With links to improving heart function and your mental state, what better way to spend your time?!

Use stress-busting products

Aromatherapy can be extremely useful for stressed-out people, so get savvy about calming ingredients and invest in some shower products that include them. Lavender has been linked to lowering anxiety levels for example, while lemon, bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood are also great choices.

Set the temperature

If you’re trying to unwind, make sure the temperature is comfortably warm. This should help you feel sleepy and slows metabolic functions including heart rate, digestion and breathing – all things that make you feel stressed if they’re working overtime.

Mood lighting

Most busy, stressed people don’t have the time to put candles on and take a long bath. But just because you can’t make time for the tub, you don’t have to forego the mood lighting! Light one with a calming scent and let it burn away while you shower. — COVER MEDIA 

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