You know of combination skin, but what about its follicular counterpart? Chances are you have “combination hair” if the crown of your scalp is slick with sebum and bone-dry at the tips. Quite the confounding combo, eh?

Happily, there are a ton of calming hacks to stabilise hair that’s out of sync. Try these tricks for effortlessly even and beautifully balanced locks:

Tar your tangles with the same brush. Try using some elbow grease to “spread the wealth”, as it were. Yes, it sounds seriously sickening, but smoothing the strands out with a boar bristle brush allows superfluous sebum to travel from your scalp to the tips, where it’s needed most. Think of this cuticle-coating trick as the human grooming equivalent of felines licking their fur. Meow!

Multi-mask your mane. It’s multiple masks to the rescue! Much like its complexion-correcting counterpart, this trick works to combat your condition by targeted spot treatment: A thicker emulsion on the ends and a thinner-textured tonic for the scalp.

Opt for oils on the tips of your tresses as a pampering pre- and post-styling sealant; simply smooth a drop or two into the ends of your damp hair before blow-drying, then skim across the surface for a generous shot of shine. Easy-peasy!

The wetter, the better! Your post-gym pouf can pose a perspiration-related predicament: Should you scour off the sludge and sebum from your scalp – and risk drying out the ends of your hair? The solution is simple: Shrug and think of sweat as well, a bespoke sea-salt spray.

“Unless you’ve been running a marathon, allowing the dampness to air-dry is perfectly fine,” says my mane man Michael Chiew of Hairloom Salon. “Or consider sprinkling a little water onto your bangs and blow-drying with a round brush to reshape your hairstyle.”

Indeed, if you’ve already spritzed serums, sprays and such on your hair prior to your gym session, simply wet your palms with warm water and run your fingers through your fringe or wherever you think you need a little touching up. The dampness will detangle knots and reactivate your pre-workout products for instant rehydration.

Still think your locks still need a little something-something? Massaging a pinch of cuticle-conditioning cream into the ends will do in a jiffy – but use a light hand, so to speak, so you don’t end up with a greasy mop.

Don’t cut it too close. If you’re using a spray-type dispenser for dry shampoo, be sure to keep the canister quite literally at arm’s length; about 15cm from your scalp should do it so you get an ultra-fine mist – anything closer and you’ll end up with snowy dandruff-like specks, which will only exacerbate the appearance of your oily scalp.

Top tip: For increased control, spray onto a brush and work through the hair from roots to ends. Using the same wide-toothed comb, rake it down the centre of your crown to create a horizontal part. For each section you make, flip the hair over and spritz in a zigzag motion, making sure to work your way down to the scalp, where the mattifying powders are most needed.

Right, then. You know the drill: Spill the #deets if these tips works for you, and good luck getting out of hairy situations in the future!