Reverse French Manicure 4 Trendy nude manicure nail designs to try.jpg

If you’re a fan of the classic French manicure, try this reverse version, where the white line is drawn at the base of the nail (near the cuticle) instead of at the tip. And you don’t have to stick to white either – any colour will work. Our manicurist used silver, which added a touch of bling to digits without making them look too sparkly or girlie.


Negative space manicure 4 Trendy nude manicure nail designs to try.jpg

This look involves painting certain parts of your nail and leaving other parts bare to create a graphic design. Our tip: Use thin strips of masking tape to cover the areas you want to keep bare. Then, paint the areas not covered by tape, and wait for the polish to dry before carefully removing the tape. This technique will give you more precise lines.


White stripes 4 Trendy nude manicure nail designs to try.jpg

Remember how some of us used to apply Liquid Paper correction fluid on our nails in primary school? Well, this style is neater and much more glam. The white criss-cross design on a nude base is inspired by the manicures seen at Bibhu Mohapatra’s Spring/Summer 2015 show. It’s great for those who want to rock a graphic design that still looks understated. The trick is to keep the lines thin and straight – this will give the manicure a minimalist look.


The new half moon nude nail 4 Trendy nude manicure nail designs to try.jpg

Take the usual half-moon manicure up a notch. Instead of drawing the half circle at the base of the nail, paint it at the side or the tip of the nail – you can even vary the size of the semicircle or draw more than one to create a chic pop-art effect, like we did. To keep the look understated, opt for soft colours that complement each other, like neutrals or even pastels – think mint green and lavender.

Text: Lieu Wei Ning, Photography: Wong Wei Liang; Art Direction: Sherli Chong; Manicurist: Kiyone+Lim; Makeup: Jyue Huey/The Make Up Room; Model: Katrina Machova/Diva Models

This story was originally published in Her World March Issue, 2015.