4 tips to make frizzy dry hair thick and shiny fast B.png

Thin on top and limp of lock? We’re here to help. Check out these surprisingly easy, shockingly effective tips for hair that’s long and lustrous:

TIP #1. Lather, rinse, do not repeat. Shampooing too frequently wicks away water and lipids, both of which are crucial for cushioning our coiffure. To maximise moisture in your mane, always reach for the mildest formulas; baby-friendly shampoos are superb for this purpose.

Oh, and one more thing. When it comes to sudsing up, the execution is of the essence. For the the most glorious gloss, remember to rinse rigourously for a minute or so to get rid of post-shampoo sludge, which can put a dulling dampener on the sheen of your strands.   

TIP #2. Tee-dry, not towel-dry. Your post-shower mop is at its most vulnerable, which means you should never ride roughshod by rubbing it dry.The solution to your towel trouble? Pat gently with a clean cotton tee instead, and follow up with a follicle-fortifying serum from the midshaft down for buoyant bounce with none of the weight. Simply spritz on damp hair, starting mid-length and paying extra care to the ends for easier styling!

TIP #3. Colour with caution. To prevent premature fading of your hair’s hue, simply pop on a chlorine-screening filter on your showerhead; this ingenious invention sieves out the desiccating chemicals lurking in your tap water. Oh, and if you’re looking to shake up your style, head straight for temporary hair dyes that don’t contain ammonia and alcohol.

TIP #4. Let your hair down! Loosen up, girlfriend. Here’s the irony: A too-tight topknot may make your face look tauter, but it’s super-aging for your hair. The stress placed on the perpetual tension on your scalp is going to lead to root breakage and quite possibly a receding hairline.

Pretty ponytail or spots of sparse hair? You decide. I don’t know about you, but a big blowout with a ton of texture is so much more youthful, really. My beauty maxim: Big hair, small face.

And it’s so easy, too: All you need is a double-duty conditioning and styling spray. Simply put it on blast, give your tresses a tousle and you’re good to go. Or spritz into your hands, warm it up between your palms and lightly skim across the surface for a sexy shine that’s very youthful indeed.

There: Hair that’s longer, thicker, stronger and shinier, all in four simple steps. You’re welcome!

Not sure what to get? Give your fragile follicles some tender loving care with this trove of nourishing non-greasy oils for instantly smoother, stronger hair.