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We’re calling it right now: Clarisonic is the cult darling of the lucrative cleansing industry. The good folks at Clarisonic Singapore tell us that the Aria was so avidly anticipated, they’ve had to field enquiries by cosmetics connoisseurs well before its arrival in Singapore – testament to how the brand has painted itself, so to speak, as the go-to purveyor of beauty brushes.

If you’re new to the brand, the Aria is as good an introduction as any to the pleasures of sonic cleansing. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, this salon-grade grooming gadget promises to sweep away scaly patches and ease the appearance of blemishes with twice-daily use. Here are four reasons to make the switch from manual to electric:

1. The brush gets down and dirty in a way your fingers never can. Visualise, if you will, the vigourous vibration of your average cleansing brush. The 360-degree circular whirring of the bristles creates excessive friction which can tug and tear at your delicate mien – not good for preserving the density and bounce of youthful skin.

Like all Clarisonic cleansers, the Aria is said to wobble back and forth at a sonic frequency of a  dizzying 300 “micro-movements” per second. This windshield wiping motion whisks away dirt and debris without damaging the walls of your pores, and is said to offer cleansing that’s six times more thorough than manual soap-and-elbow-grease.

The material itself is a marvel, with each bristle being formed of FDA-approved, highest-grade DuPont Tynex Supersoft fibre that’s sumptuously soft and resistant to bacteria to boot. (Rinsing the brush head out with a mild soapy formula every week is par for the course, naturally, and will do you a world of good.)

2. Bespoke bathtime! The Aria’s nifty three speed customisation allows you to rev up your cleansing routine accordingly. Clarisonic says clinical tests have demonstrated that powering on at Speed 3 means you’ll enjoy up to 56 percent more cleansing power compared to the baseline speed.  

Translation? Like sitting behind the wheels of a high-performance supercar, the three-speed dial gives you the option of cruising along at a leisurely pace (best for the most tender and easily bruised of skin) or racing down the block when you’re plastered with pancake makeup.

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3. It’s incredibly travel-friendly. Great for globe-trotting types, the Aria comes with bells and whistles and then some: Streamlined design for easy stashing in your weekender tote; charging via a discreet USB-enabled pLink port with universal voltage (which means no serpentine charging wires); a power gauge that changes colour to indicate battery life; and a drying stand that also doubles up as a tabletop charger.

4. It’s colour coded. The variations mean you can colour-coordinate your cleansing device to your bathroom. Choose between standard white, glossy black and a lovely powdery pink – or bust your beauty budget and get all three!

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The Clarisonic Aria, $270 each, is available from April 2014 at all Sephora Singapore outlets, Tangs Orchard and the Biotherm Homme boutique at Ion Orchard. For more information, visit www.clarisonic.com.sg and follow Clarisonic Singapore on Facebook.