4 reasons why we love Sulwhasoo’s new Snowise Whitening UV Compact b1.png

1. Ooh, K-Tech wizardry! Confession: We used to be stridently anti-compact, and for good reason, too. Powder-adverse girls, you know what we mean: Powder formulas tend to settle into crinkles and creases, accentuating fine lines on dry skin and generally creating a cakey mess.

Sulwhasoo’s new Snowise Whitening UV Compact aims to allay your concerns with something it calls micro-sponge powder. Think of this ingenious ingredient as being composed of tiny bouncy balls which “roll” over pores to act as a sort of “filler” for noticeably even skin.

Another cool component is the mattifying agent used, which Sulwhasoo says has been meticulously tinkled with in their R&D labs to function as a veil to seal in moisture while sopping up skin gunk and excess sebum. The result? Comfortably hydrated, flake-free skin that’s matte but never dry.

Sulwhasoo says that the compact is also carefully hand-processed and oven-dried for a sumptuously smooth, ultra-fine finish – with particles up to 40 per cent “clearer”, compared to regular compacts.

2. It’s loaded with traditional herbal goodness. Seeing as this is Sulwhasoo we’re talking about, the new compact also comes chock-full with the Korean brand’s signature botanical superstars, chief of which is of course white ginseng extract, said to block the production of specific melanin cells which cause unsightly skin sallowness.

There’s also exotic white cloud glass extract, a Korean medicinal herb that’s traditionally classified as a “cooling” and soothing agent.

3. It’s a Ray-Ban for your face. The SPF 50+/PA+++ rating is very impressive indeed; if you’re a desk-bound warrior, this compact can easily double up as a sunscreen. Whip it out for a mid-day touch-up and you’ll get an extra dusting of mattifying sun protection!

4. It’s democratic. Finally, base products that are offered in one shade only are usually considered limiting in their appeal, but Sulwhasoo says that the 7:3 beige-to-white ratio of this compact translates to an exceedingly sheer illuminating powder that’s universally flattering to all skin tones. That pretty much seals the deal, if you ask us!

Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening UV Compact, $74 for 9g, is available at Sulwhasoo counters at TANGS, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Robinsons Orchard. For more information, visit www.sulwhasoo.com.sg and follow the brand on Facebook.