4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work B2.pngImage: Shiseido

Here’s the thing about festive makeup collections: You’re virtually guaranteed gift-ready packaging, but would any of your girlfriends (or yourself, for that matter) ever wear these colours in real life?

Take Cle de Peau Beaute’s decadent, #diediemustbuy Holiday collection. The breathtakingly beautiful mask motifs border on the baroque – no surprises here, given that free rein was handed over to jewellery designer and one-time Lady Gaga collaborator Joji Kojima.

4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work B1.pngOpulent, not OTT!

Happily, you needn’t resign yourself to letting these trinkets sit pretty and gather dust on your dressing table. I find the vibrant Venetian-inspired hues to be incredibly user-friendly – and not just for your annual masquerade themed company D&D, too.

Here, some top tips on how to get your game face on without looking clownish:

#1. Go red or go home

4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work Perfect Lash Mascara.pngPerfect Lash Mascara in 3, part of the Autumn-Winter 2015 Holiday coffret

Wine-coloured mascara may seem like overkill for the office, but try this brilliant suggestion by Angela Boh, Cle de Peau Beaute Singapore’s training manager: “Apply your go-to black mascara from the roots, then layer on this burgundy mascara from the middle of the lashes to the tips for a subtly twinkling effect.”

4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work Eye Color Quad.pngEye Color Quad in 314

#2. “Eye” know you’ll love this

You don’t have to use all four shades at once. Instead, Angela says you can experiment by using the pale silver as a light wash over the entire eyelid.

Feeling extra festive? Proceed to use an angled eyeliner brush to pick up the emerald hue. Use your brush to trace your upper or lower lash line, then smudge lightly for a soft halo effect.

4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work Extra Rich Lipstick.pngExtra Rich Lipstick in 314

#3. How to be the hottest mother pucker in town

Playing down the eyes also means your puckers will really pop with this rich red lippy. In fact, Angela says you can consider pairing your scarlet smackers with the burgundy mascara. Matchy-matchy done right!

4 best makeup tips to help you be ‘chio’ not ‘wayang’ at work BODY.pngBody Powder

#4. It’s all about the body language

A subtly shimmery powder like this one is great for collarbone contouring; Angela suggests applying this over a light body lotion for longer lasting wear. Best bit? The soft floral scent is very more-ish indeed.

#Fanboy raving aside, here’s how to use this powder. Use a brush to pat the product onto the edge of your collarbones and beyond, for a flirty flush that directs your admirers’ gaze towards well, where you want them to be gazing.

All done? Then step into your strappy boatneck dress and brace yourself for the deluge of compliments from your colleagues that are sure to come your way.

Oh yeah, one last thing: This treasure trove is strictly limited-edition from October 2015 – scurry down to your nearest CPB cabin for exact pricing and availability – so fastest fingers fast!

Want more? Vibrant Venice is the #MakeupInspo for this incredibly OL-friendly collection of lipsticks and blushers (plus eyeshadows too, for good measure). Join me for a rowing good time in the City of Canals.