If you’re anything like the gazillions of girls out there, a “special care” makeup sponge like say, the beloved BeautyBlender, $32, or Dior’s delightfully decadent Backstage Blender Fluid Foundation Sponge, $16, is your foundation’s new bestie. Which is all well and good, really – except you’re probably not maximising your makeup sponge’s potential.

Check if you’re committing these cardinal cosmetic sins that are stopping you from becoming a budge-proof beauty:

Are you only using your sponge for makeup?
Your makeup sponge is a multi-purpose marvel that lends itself well to all sorts of Buzzfeed-ey beauty hacks. To wit: Try stashing one on your dresser to dab on your skincare; the soft sponge drives all of the good stuff from your serums and salves straight into your skin without any roughshod rubbing. Because hey, perfectly primed skin is of the essence when it comes to longer-lasting foundation!

Are you only using cream products with your makeup sponge?
That’s a squandered shot at eking the most out of your “egg”, my friend. Conventional wisdom calls for creamy stuff to be used with your sponge, but sprinkle it with water and its pointy end becomes perfect for patting on setting powders into cumbersome corners and crevices without caking; think laugh lines and the V-shaped wedge beneath your eye.

Are you applying your foundation with a wiping motion?
Here’s a handy makeup maxim: Wiping is wrong. Instead, use brisk “bouncing” actions to buff in your product with the broader end of your egg, easing up and softening your strokes as you skim towards the jaw and hairline. This gentle graduation blurs out any discernible demarcation between your face and decolletage and sheers out the product for a seamless finish; always a good thing!

Laid down your preliminary layer of foundation? Switch to a stippling technique for targeted treatment. For precision coverage, pick up a tiny bit of concealer using the narrow tip of your sponge, then dot onto offending spots and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and surrounding skin.

Now for the neat bit: Rein it back by pressing a piece of plush two-ply tissue onto your face. Don’t rub, just pat: This will take off any excess product and allow a sexy glimpse of your real skin to glimmer through, for that softly diffused, is-she-or-isn’t-she look the Koreans are so enamoured with. Easy-peasy. No creases and crinkles after a night of gallivanting, too, from my experience.

Congrats on successfully laying the “foundation” of any makeup routine. Good luck keeping your game-face on!