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It’s your period, and although you’re already cramping your body decides to reward you further by giving you pimples on your face too.

Acne caused by hormones isn’t a walk in the park. Unlike your typical pimples that may be due to dirt and excessive sebum, hormonal acne is usually cystic from the get-go. This means that you’re dealing with giant bumps that are exceedingly painful and really difficult to conceal.

On the plus side, unlike pimples caused by dirt, hormonal acne is quite predictable and controllable. With the right mix of tips, you can slowly ensure your monthly periods don’t become the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re still getting bad bouts of pimples when that time of the month is near, chances are that your hormones aren’t as regular as they should be. The first step to tackling acne caused by hormonal changes is to regulate your hormones.

The most common way is through birth control pills, but if you’re afraid of the side effects, I suggest taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules instead. The naturally derived plant oil is said to lessen the effects of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as cramps and hormonally-induced pimples.

As an added bonus, this oil supposedly gives you great hair and skin too!

We all know that pimples are a result of bacteria and excess sebum. To make life easier, be sure to keep yourself and your surroundings clean. Hormonal pimples often occur on the chin and jaw line, which is incidentally where our mobile and office phones come in contact with our skin as well.

Phones are a breeding place for germs as our fingers and faces transfer bacteria freely to it (what’s more, the heat from the phone makes it easier for them to breed!). So while you’re busy making dinner reservations at that up and coming restaurant, you may also be encouraging some pimple growth. Be sure to give your phone a regular wipe down; you wouldn’t want to voluntarily contribute to a pimple farm.

The good thing about hormonal-induced pimples is the fact that they are predictable. So before I experience the onslaught of pimples and cramps, I like to prep my skin by loading up on anti-pimple agents.

As most pimple fighters tend to be too drying, I opt for a calming anti-inflammatory agent such as The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil or masks that unclog pores. But if you’re already bogged down by pimples, I suggest trying Benzac AC Gel. The water-based formula uses the proven ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, which kills acne bacteria while not drying out your skin.

With these tips, you’ll have one less problem to worry about when PMS sets in!


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