1. Drink up – but not too much. While you probably shouldn’t be downing a caffeinated cuppa at night, plain ol’ water is a definite can-do. Indeed, rehydration is a requisite in the evening, especially if you’re sleeping in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room. 

But here’s a top tip that’s worked wonders for me: Limit liquid intake about three hours or so before bedtime. That way, you sidestep the swelling of fluid retention when you wake up in the morning – plus you’ll sleep better too, because you won’t be getting up in the middle of the night to take a leak. 

2. Pump up the power with a double masking ritual. You’re already accustomed to layering standard skincare – even applying several serums at once – so the next logical step, really, is to master mixing and matching multiple facial masks at the same time.

Here’s the only “rule” you should memorise: Always apply a rinse-off mask, regardless of its purported benefits, before your clay or mud masks. The rationale: If you apply a thinner textured emulsion after a mud mask, it’ll never be able to properly penetrate the paste.

For softer skin overnight, try this one-two punch after the cleansing component of your evening regime: Slather on a soothing salve for fine lines and deep hydration, like Fresh’s fabulous Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask; rinse off and follow up with a detoxifying clay concoction to purge your pores of grease and gunk.

This is merely one of the myriad mask medleys you can try your hand at, with the sole proviso being that you reserve the clay-type mask for application last. Such a simple concept, but a bona fide skin-changer, if you ask me!

3. It ain’t called beauty sleep for nothing, y’know. Your best laid plans will be for naught if you aren’t getting enough actual downtime. Snoozing and skincare are synergistic segments of a holistic beauty regime; like your brain, your skin needs time at night to recuperate from the stresses of the day. 

Here’s a final hack to boost your beauty sleep: Try propping up your head with a higher pillow if you’re prone to puffiness in the morning. The extra elevation will aid in overall fluid drainage and circulation. 

Right, then. Try these tonight and wake up to a visibly firmer and fresher visage greeting you in the mirror. Goodnight, and good luck!

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