Extend your extensions!

“Eye” know how you (and cool chicks like 2NE1’s CL, for that matter) like ‘em: The longer and thicker, the better. (Yes, we’re talking eyelash extensions here.)

But as lovely to look at as long lashes are, the stripping off and scrubbing down totally sucks. Yes, I get it: Tending to your makeup tools at the end of a weary workday is no fun at all, but here’s the thing: The germs and grime that build up on your falsies wouldn’t do your face any favours. 

The ugly truth is, any sort of residue on your face, particularly stubborn gunk like mascara clumps on your false eyelashes, will up your chances of an ophthalmological infection when left on overnight. Bacteria festers quickly in the microscopic hidey holes of your lashes, and can leave you with itchy infections and bloodshot baby blues.

Because nobody has time for meandering multi-step rituals, I’ve streamlined this very necessary chore into three fabulously foolproof steps – executable in three minutes, tops. Let’s have at it, shall we:

Get out of a sticky situation … by peeling away the gluey goop sticking to the spine of your falsies. These clumps are a cesspool of bacteria build-up, and can weigh down upon and warp the natural curves of your eyelash band. To circumvent this sorry state of affairs, simply use a pair of tweezers to take off the glue, paying special attention to the inner and outer corners, where grime tends to gather. Bonus tip: Be extra careful during application by always keeping within the line of the spine – getting glue onto the hairs will mean the sticky kiss of death for that particular pair of falsies!

Soap up! Synthetic lashes can be dunked in warm water spiked with squirt or two of shampoo. Swirl the strands around in the soapy solution for about 20 seconds, then rinse off under a running tap. Let these babies dry flat on a bunch of paper towels and your job is done.

Spray off the sludge. I’m talking about instant cleansing makeup sprays, which are embarrassingly easy to use. These genius contraptions are great for cleansing the fragile follicles of lashes wrought from real hairs, which tend to require a tad more TLC than their rough-and-tumble synthetic counterparts. To use, simply spritz onto a paper towel – never directly onto the lashes! – then swirl the hairs on the damp cloth, making sure not to let the suds seep into the band holding the bristles in place. The fine foam should cut through filth without rubbing the fibres right off.

For double-cleansing goodness, run over the lashes with a lint-free cotton ball doused with micellar water – the microscopic “micelles”, which are dirt-dissolving oil molecules suspended in a “shell” of water, splinter upon impact to sop up stubborn impurities. And you’re done! Easy-peasy.

At the end of the day (and we use that phrase quite literally), you do need a little water and elbow grease to take it all off – because hey, the follicles on your falsies deserve as much tender, loving care as the locks on your head. Cheers to fluttering those falsies and faking your way to a fabulous time!