3 Travel beauty tips to save time on your plane ride B.png

In the spirit of saving time, let’s nose-dive straight into it and get this off the ground:


TIP #1. Take it all off after take-off! Enduring a long-haul flight to nowhere? Save yourself from tears on a red-eye by removing your makeup with a wet wipe. Once your face is free of gunk, pat in a nourishing oil-based cream as a protective barrier against the dry cabin air.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ad nauseum if need be: Topical oils are good for you. A drop is plenty for the entire face; follow up with your usual moisturiser if you’re extra diligent, then settle in for a transportive hour or two of in-flight entertainment.   

TIP #2. Massage your mien. Amp up blood circulation by kneading your face with the lubricating aid of a silky serum.

Here’s how. Use a fancy schmancy silicone massage roller if you have one, although bare hands will do nicely in a jiffy. Pumpful of serum in your palms? All set to go.

In terms of technique, all you need to do is clench your fists and press the knuckles against your face, starting from the chin and moving up to your cheeks in a gliding motion. Final flourish? Sweep outwards from your nose to iron out the kinks of your smile lines, then press under your eyes for speedy de-puffing.

Oh yeah, if you’re feeling a tad self-conscious about massaging in full view of your fellow passengers, you can easily go through the motions in the privacy of the cabin restroom.


TIP #3. Fake fab skin with a foundation-serum cocktail. Here’s the recipe I use to nail the deceptively nude skin sported in those “morning after” scenes you see on tellie.

What you do is to create a custom cocktail by swirling together the sheerest liquid foundie and your go-to serum in a rough 2:1 ratio. Follow this tip and you’ll be in good company: Mixing different textures together for a tailored flesh-toned fit is a favourite trick of backstage pros, and it isn’t all that complicated to boot.

Good luck, and cheers to looking like you had the plane ride of a lifetime!

Photography: Vernon Wong; Art direction: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong; Styling: Hong Xinying; Makeup: Beno Lim, Senior Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics, using M.A.C Cosmetics; Hairstyling: Patcharin; Model: Zhao Meijuan/Nu Models; Top and bracelet: Cool-find K-Style

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