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Willing to wager a big beauty bet? You’re applying your facial masks all wrong.

Stay with me. I was treating myself to a perfectly pleasant walk-through of Clarins’ latest potions and poultices when my counter consultant dispensed a most dramatic disclosure – you should be massaging in your masks.

Let that revelation (pun alert!) “sink” in. If you’re anything like me, your usual masking routine probably involves slapping the stuff on, twiddling your thumbs for a couple of minutes, then splashing it off and hoping for the best.

TIP #1. Truth be told, we ought to be approaching mask application the way we do our regular serums and salves; that is, we should be working the product into our skin instead of simply slopping it on, willy-nilly.

Take it from my host with the most, Clarins’ international training manager Denise Barthe-Marti: “When you press your creams into your face, you’re allowing the actives in the formula to penetrate the skin better. You’ll get so much more out of your masks this way.”

3 Tips to make sure you’re using facial masks correctly Clarins_Skin Perfect Touch.png

“Handy” advice: This imprint is an approximation of the amount of pressure you should be using for massaging away excess fluid from your lymphatic system

TIP #2. What you do is to warm up a walnut-sized bit of the product in your palms, then pat firmly into your face, paying extra attention to the jowl area, where your hands should be kneading upwards against the forces of gravity. Conversely, the conventional masking method means the cream merely sits on top instead of being sopped up by your skin. Makes sense, yes?

TIP #3. Okay, we’ve established that we must massage masks into our mien. But there’s a crucial clause to note: No roughshod rubbing, please. Rather, pressing it in – think making a handprint on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – is the way to go.

Here’s Denise of Clarins with more: “Slow hand movements are crucial for skincare application to help improve blood circulation and bring nutrients to the skin.” Sounds legit to me!

And yes, masks aside, this technique works well for just about any topical skincare product, from calming clays to the most luxe of lotions, so press away.

Need a live demo? Feel free to take the incredibly enlightening Skin Perfect Touch tour, a cool (and completely FOC!) consultation session in which the fine folks manning your nearest Clarins counter will caress your face to size up your complexion, then put you through the paces of the posh Parisian brand’s patented touch techniques.

Pressing your masks in instead of just smearing it on: Who knew? What an extraordinary epiphany. You can thank me for this “handy” advice by sharing this story with your beauty buddies. Say bonjour to beautiful skin – and be sure to press, press, press!

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