November has been all about prepping for the holidays, but have you thought about what happens after that? With all the parties and travelling, the holidays can sometimes leave us a little too tired.

So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the festivities, why not take a break from your heels and makeup to rejuvenate with one of these Christmas sets from Aveda. Plus, we’re here to help you make full use of them for every situation!


What’s a holiday without shopping? Those sore muscles at the end of the day could really do with some relief, though. Try giving them A Retreat From Stress with Aveda’s set, an aptly named offering. Light the candle and take deep breaths while you soak yourself in a bathtub with the travel-sized Stress-Fix bath salts. When you are done, use the body lotion for a little hot water bottle massage, which you can learn here.


Pop one of the brand’s hand relief creams in your bag. Whenever you feel a little giddy from the crowd, let yourself have A Little Gift of A Little Relief. Squeeze a little cream into your palm, rub your hands together and cup your nose and mouth. Take deep breaths and let the aroma calm you down.


With the day’s frantic happenings, A Moment of Peace Is A Gift. So when you get home at night, have a mini head spa in the shower. Lather the Shampure Shampoo in your hands and work the product into your scalp with your fingers, exerting a little pressure. Finish by pressing the top of your head like they do in salons. Remember to condition those dry ends!

Finally, each of these limited edition gift sets have been packaged with handmade lokta paper from Nepal. The purchase of these papers by Aveda has helped families in the country repair their homes, buy food and clothing, as well as send their children to school.

So remember when you share one of these lovely sets with your loved ones; you will be helping another family too.

Aveda Holiday Gift Sets, from $52, are available at all Aveda salons and experience centres. For more information, visit, and follow the brand on Facebook.