There is a famous proverb in the United States that says, “First Impressions are the most lasting”, but regardless of where you are from, making a good first impression is always important.

3 tips on how to get perfect K-Beauty eyebrows DECOR 1

According to Korean beauty experts, most people get a good “first impression” of you if you have a “clean-looking” appearance ‒ just like most Korean actors and K-Pop stars like Jessica from Girls Generation or actress Jo Yeo Jung, for example. If you have a nice smile and neat makeup, there’s no need to dress up formally to give a good impression.

Among the many parts of our face, the eyebrows are very important in determining the overall impression of our look. So, here are our three top tips on how to create neat eyebrows that create a good first impression.

1. EYEBROW PENCIL: The best way to organise your eyebrow shape

3 tips on how to get perfect K-Beauty eyebrows EYEBROW PENCIL

While drawing on or filling in your eyebrows, the first thing you have to consider is your facial shape. If you have a square face shape, try to balance a square jaw with smooth and natural brow lines because sharp brow shapes on square face only make you look sharper. For people who have a long face shape, straight and thick eyebrows are recommended. If you have a round shape face, emphasise the curve of your eyebrows and create as high an arch as you can. Lastly, for an inverted triangular face shape, use thick and rounded eyebrow lines. The easiest tool to create a suitable eyebrow shape  is a stick-type eyebrow pencil. Stylenanda’s makeup brand Three Concept Eyes’ slim eyebrow pencil creates a detailed eyebrow with 0.15mm pencil lead. Natural color formation and long lasting texture are the advantages of this eyebrow pencil.
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2. EYEBROW KIT: To create the most natural looking eyebrow

3 tips on how to get perfect K-Beauty eyebrows EYEBROW KIT

If you are having difficulty using an eyebrow pencil or because you are a beginner at makeup, try using an eyebrow kit. By simply filling in your eyebrows, you can create a neat and organised shape. Stylenanda’s eyebrow kit is composed of two colours that you can mix to match your hair colour. Also, the soft and creamy texture of the product increases its adherence to your skin so that you can create a natural looking eyebrow. The product can be easily used by beginners and helps to create a refined eyebrow shape.
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3. EYEBROW MASCARA: Match your hair colour and eyebrow colour

3 tips on how to get perfect K-Beauty eyebrows MASCARA

Eyebrow colour that doesn’t match with your dyed hair colour gives an untidy impression so in this case, make your eyebrow and hair colour to match by using an eyebrow mascara. The eyebrow mascara provides a tinting effect. Stylenanda’s Three Concept Eyes’ eyebrow mascara is available in red brown, gold and brown shades so that you can change your eyebrow colour by simply applying the product.
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