3 tips for achieving super sleek hairIf poker straight, glossy hair appeals to your spring/summer self you’ll probably be considering your styling options.

And the good news is that thanks to a raft of high-tech hair care advancements, straight hair is perfectly achievable, whatever your hair type.

Here is our guide to achieving a super-sleek look.

Straightening irons
Popular for a good reason, straightening irons are incredibly effective for taming kinky hair. Using straightening irons actually reforms the water bonds in the hair shaft for a super-straight effect. It’s a bit like pressing the wrinkles out hair. New technology has made straightening safer than ever – irons with temperature control and ceramic plates are best. Plus, silicones and straightening balms will protect hair before styling.

Thermal Reconditioning
This is a permanent reforming of the structure of hair, done with the same chemical solution as used in perms, but with a flat iron instead of perming rods. Thermal reconditioning is better for wavy hair rather than kinky or curly hair, which will show a curly root too quickly. Results last six to 10 months, and then only hair regrowth needs to be thermally reconditioned.

Blow dry
If your hair is naturally quite straight, you might get away simply styling your hair straight. With the right products and tools, you won’t need to use straighteners after you blow dry – which means you’ll cut the amount of time you expose strands to heat. Firstly, prep your hair with a blow dry product such as Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry, which is brilliant for taming unruly tresses. If you’re going for a poker-straight look, use a flat brush to blow dry your locks. Want a little movement and volume? Go for a round brush. The bigger the brush, the bouncier the style. Finish off with hairspray, like TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray to keep locks sleek.