3 things you need to know when growing out your eyebrows thumb

Image: Showbit.com

Just like makeup trends, eyebrow trends change from time to time. Gone is the trend of the slim arched brow. The shapes we love right now are thicker and fuller looking. We all know that growing out your eyebrows can be difficult, takes forever, and often requires an unusual amount of discipline when it comes to itchy fingers and hair removal. Here are three things to know about how best to go about growing your eyebrows out.

#1 Find your shape
Figuring out which brow shape suits your face is the first step. As a general rule of thumb, following your natural eyebrow shape tends to be the most flattering for your face. Of course, whether you want soft and straight K-Pop brows or glamourous Hollywood arches, the choice is yours.

#2 Minimal maintenance
Stick to tweezing just the obviously stray hairs closer to your eyelids and between the brows. Leave the rest to a professional you trust. Try not to get obsessed with removing every stray hair you find (you’ll risk forgetting yourself and over-tweezing), and just stick with the ones that are obvious from an arms length away. The key is to keep them looking neat, not perfect.

#3 Fill them in right
If you’re looking to makeup to fill in any bare areas, try using a brow pencil or powder. The trick is to choose a colour that is a shade (or two if you like) lighter than your natural eyebrow, so you don’t risk ending up with overly dark eyebrows. Of course if you have really light brows, feel free to go a shade darker. Use a small angled brush and short light feathering strokes for the best and most natural result!

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