The arid air-conditioning in your office can cause your smackers to shrivel up and peel off like petals starved of H20 – not a good look if #KylieJennerLips are your #InstaBeauty goal.

To save yourself from tears, consider pampering your puckers with these beauty hacks you can try right here, right now. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Slap on a quickie DIY mask. On bare lips, layer on a generous gloop of a good balm. For this purpose, gun for products with an almost gluey consistency for maximum mileage – like a pot of plain ol’ petroleum jelly, which you can stash in a prominent spot on your desk as a reminder to self.

In any case, wait five minutes, then wipe off with a kitchen towel; the fibres of the fabric will help to dislodge dead skin and such. Another trick I discovered through sheer serendipity: Petroleum jelly is amazing for alleviating painful hangnails, so feel free to spread the wealth and massage any excess into your cuticles as a neat nail nourisher.

2. Layer your lip balm. Plumping up your pout means pretty meticulous prep and a boatload of lip balm to keep things soft and supple. Try layering a “stickier” salve – yes, Vaseline jelly will do in a jiffy – over your lighter stick-type balm. The thicker-textured product’s occlusive properties provide better barrier protection so your lips don’t dry out so fast.

Press it in with clean fingers to lock in the moisture, tissue off excess, then finish by slapping on your lippie of choice for colour. Incredibly intuitive and easy enough to execute, right?

3. Sip from a cup, not a straw. The act of straw-sucking requires you to purse your lips – and this repetitive action will form wrinkles on your lips, exacerbating any existing flakiness. The key to ironing out the kinks in your kisses? Switch to good ol’ fashioned coffee mugs, and make a conscious effort to stop sulking and smirking. (My personal beauty regimen involves not smiling or moving my face unless absolutely necessary.)

I’ve been complying with these best practices for the past month or so now, and I’m loving how plump and crease-free my puckers have become. Better than Botox? Give this a go, and have fun giving good lip!