Limp of lock and thin on top? We’re here to help. Try these “dye-dye” must-try tips in the PM before bedtime for a perfectly polished pouf in the AM:

1. Rinse and repeat. On your scheduled shampoo night, do a “double cleanse”, which basically means soaping up, splashing off – and then doing it all over again. Here’s why: Shampooing a second time makes all the difference in cutting through the day’s grime and grease, all of which can contribute to the deadweight dullness of limp locks. 

Execution is also of the essence. For the the most glorious gloss, remember to rinse rigorously for at least a minute to get rid of post-shampoo sludge, which can put a dulling dampener on the sheen of your strands. And remember to suds up twice!

2. Serum on standby. Don’t wait! Treat your fragile post-shower follicles to some tender loving care with a serum for high-wattage shine; simply scrunch a dollop into damp hair right in the shower, then smooth a little extra onto the ends of your tresses. Finger comb to coat the cuticles and seal the goodness in; the whole shebang shouldn’t take you more than a minute, tops.

3. Pull it back into a bedtime bun. Now that you’ve doused your strands with a protective salve, section your hair into quadrants and throw it up into a tousled topknot. Keeping everything off your face forestalls frizz because your curls aren’t chafing against the pillowcase the entire night, plus you get the beauty bonus of added volume the morning after. 

To bind your bun in place, use soft scrunchies to secure each swathe of hair as you curl them up towards your crown. These bands shouldn’t hurt; feel free to experiment with different configurations so you’re entirely comfortable with your head nestled against a pillow. When you stumble out of bed eight hours later, undo the bun, flip your hair over your head, then grab a boar bristle brush to (gently!) comb out any twists and tangles. 

Want it even bigger and bouncier? Take the tiniest dollop of volumising cream and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect. Boom! More voluminous hair virtually overnight. “Hairs” hoping this story will get you out of a hairy situation!