Ladies, it’s FINALLY here! Two whole weeks of endless parties until the new year. We’ve got you covered on your party dresses, makeup, lingerie and clutches. Today, it’s time to decide on what you’re going to do with your hair!

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Marissa Webb New York Spring 15

We know you’ll regret it when you’re about to leave the house, wishing you had another way to style your hair, rather than to simply blow dry it, or tame the flyaways.

Here are three quick styles that are guaranteed to update your look in under 10 minutes. (You can even do these styles in the car, just in case you’re running late to your event.)


Yes, vlogger Missy Sue makes an appearance again. This is THE channel to watch if you’re into braiding. Braids are brilliant in making a look seem a lot more complicated than it actually is (read: perfect style to fool your colleagues into thinking you’ve put in a lot of effort, but it really takes none).

So if you’re going for a party after work, combine a french braid and a fishtail braid (two styles we know so well) and wrap it into a bun. Easy peasy!


This one from Korean Hair Salon Soon Siki requires a little bit of an explanation since there are no English subtitles. We tried it ourselves just from watching the video and it’s fairly easy to achieve.

Before you start, spritz just a little water onto your bangs and curl them with a roller. Leave the roller in place for the rest of the steps.

Step one: Section your hair into three sections. Tie the middle section into a low ponytail.

Step two: Take a section of hair from the left. When doing this, you should follow the curved parting you have created in step one. Now, bring it to the right and pin it in place.

Step three: Likewise, take a section of hair from the right, bring it over to the left and pin it in place. You want to make sure you’re not pinning it too tight or you will not get the “floppy” crossover effect at the end. You can twist the section a little to create more texture.

Step four: Take the remaining left section and twist around the ponytail you created in step one. This will hide the bobby pin from step two. Pin it underneath. Do the same on the right side.

Step five: Since we’re not using heat curlers for these styles. Just add some heat to the roller that was put in place before. Let it cool for 10 seconds, then remove the roller. Voila, curled bangs!

If you want a little more volume to this, tease the hair at the crown of your head before tying the ponytail in step one.


Girls with short hair, this is for you. The first style is great for a brunch party over the weekend, while the second lends some edge to a night out in your trusty LBD.

Now, the third is what we absolutely love. The knotted braids look like they’ve been naturally put in place (Bobby pins? Who said anything about bobby pins?), people will ask about it for sure!

Now you’re all set to party!