For those of us who either have extremely sensitive skin or skin with a tendency to be sensitive often have issues with finding skincare products and makeup that doesn’t irritate our faces.

This is why many of us love to use mineral-based and “cosmecutical” types of skincare and makeup. The mineral powders are less irritating to our skin and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are found in cosmecutical skincare products work without causing more problems.

Two of these brands that are super popular in America are now available in Singapore; Glo Therapeutics and Glo Minerals, which also has a sub-brand called New Luxe, are both from the same parent company but offer different products for different needs.

Glo Therapeutics has the pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that give you clinic-like results from home-use products. These skincare products have no parabens or dyes; clinic-strong active ingredients and essential oil blends. Glo Minerals and its New Luxe sub-brand is apparently a favourite with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and licensed skincare professionals in the US. These makeup products are full of vitamins, antioxidants, talc-free, non-comedogenic, paraben free and gluten free (for most of them).

So, if you tend to suffer from skin irritation whenever you try a new skincare or makeup product you should check out these two brands; I’m a total convert and use them daily.

Here are three new skincare and makeup products that won’t irritate sensitive skin …

Glo Therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+

3 new mineral based cosmecutical products for sensitive skin VITAMIN C

This serum is great for “resurfacing” your skin at home. Glo Therapeutics Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ has an infusion of 20 percent L-Ascorbic Acid and plant stem cells to help its anti-aging benefits. Other active ingredients include Sodium Hyaluronate (L-), which attracts and holds water; Mimosa Ternuiflora Bark Extract, which promotes circulation and helps to flush toxins; Acetyl Tyrosine, which helps build new collagen; Zinc Sulfate, which helps the L-Ascorbic Acid work better to increase collagen; and Iris Pallida Leaf Cell Extract, which helps regenerate skin and bind moisture into the skin. The key ingredient is the Vitamin C – which is stronger than normal over-the-counter versions – and it actually stings when you apply it so if you have extremely sensitive skin you really should check with your doctor or dermatologist before using this one.
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Glo Therapeutics Cyto-luxe Eye Serum

3 new mineral based cosmecutical products for sensitive skin EYE SERUM

This eye serum has been designed to help smooth out and soften lines around the eye area and to help reduce puffiness and dark circles over time. The Glo Therapeutics Cyto-luxe Eye Serum has active ingredients like Standstill Rose Damas (Rosa Damascena Leaf Cell Extract) that said to help slow the aging of cells in the dermis; Brestine (Plankton Extract), which is a “polymer” and actually helps to “fill” in the small wrinkles, lasting for up to six hours according to one study; Eyeseryl (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5) to help reduce puffy eyes and dark eye circles due to its “draining effect”; and Senestem (Plantago Lanceolata Extract), which apparently reduces “dysfunctional cells” and helps increase skin density plus lighten pigmented spots.
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New Luxe (Glo Minerals) Liquid Bright Concealer

3 new mineral based cosmecutical products for sensitive skin CONCEALER PEN

Once you’ve done all your skincare prep, the New Luxe (Glo Minerals) Liquid Bright Concealer pen helps provide a bit of extra coverage, particularly for dark eye circles. There are three different colours: High Beam – an overall concealer or use as a highlighter; Brighten – use to neutralize redness and skin imperfections; and Sunburst – which is best to disguises dark spots and under eye circles. The product uses something called “diamond powder technology” which basically add light-reflecting properties. The texture is relatively liquid which is great for blending; add over your foundation or alone over sunscreen for a bit of extra coverage.
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All Glo Therapeutics and Glo Minerals (New Luxe) skincare and makeup products are available in Singapore only from Cutis Medical Laser Clinic at #03-06 Pacific Plaza. Tel: 6327 9700; email: or go to for more information.