1. CNP LaboratoryCNP Lab 3 new-to-Singapore K-Beauty brands to try_0.jpg

Formed by a group of dermatologists from the CNP Aesthetic Clinic group in South Korea in 2000. The range of products include anti-blemish solutions, and moisturising and skin-brightening formulas. Available at selected Guardian stores and cnpcosmetics.com.sg, prices start from $14.10 for a black-head-removal kit to $68.40 for a moisturising cream.

Star products: The Black Head Clear Kit ($14.10) that promises to get rid of blackheads and excess sebum effortlessly; and the Propolis Energy Ampoule ($40.90), a skin booster.


2. Hey NatureHey nature 3 new-to-Singapore K-Beauty brands to try_0.jpg

Launched in 2002, this brand offers anti-blemish, brightening and BB cream formulas made from native South Korean plants.

Available at Heynature.com.sg, prices start from $9.90 for a bar of soap to $61.90 for a bottle of treatment essence.

Star products: The seven-piece Ersungcho line that is made for intolerant and acne-prone skin. It supposedly calms, moisturises and treats the skin. The anti-ageing 88 Treatment Essence (right, $61.90) is made with 88 per cent fermented yeast extract, the Ersungcho herb and supposedly collagen-rich snail slime.

3. Dear BerryDear Berry 3 new-to-Singapore K-Beauty brands to try_0.jpg

Founded in 2013, the brand focuses on skin-brightening and rejuvenating products made from natural ingredients. Available at selected Watsons stores, prices start from $11.50 for a bottle of cleansing foam to $55 for a jar of cream.

Star products: The anti-ageing Snail Nourishing Cream (below, $55) that is made with snail slime, to firm up skin, and arbutin, a skin-brightening ingredient; and Coco’s Secret Recipe Yam Moisturizing and Nourishing Mask ($19.90) that promises to brighten and moisturise skin instantly.

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