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Bringing new meaning to nail-biting suspense … 

Still buzzing from Christian Louboutin’s big reveal of his soon-to-drop nail polish? (No prizes for guessing what colour it comes in.)

Presenting three titillating tidbits to crank up the suspense to nail-biting, eye-twitching levels – sorry, not sorry for being such a tease!

1. Want a party convo-starter? Try The Legend of the Loubie Sole. This possibly apocryphal anecdote is eerily prescient if true, but the tale’s riveting in its own right. Here goes: It’s said that when the shoe savant first surveyed his suite of shoes back in 1992, he was so put out by the lack of “pop” that he seized a bottle of vermillion varnish and “vandalised” the entire collection, Jackson Pollock-style.

The splattered red shoes left a lasting imprint, so to speak, and the rest, as they say, is history. Who knew nail polish would be so pivotal to the red Loubie sole?

2. Price and number of shades available? Sheer insanity. Besides Rouge Louboutin, the posh Parisian brand’s brand-new Beauté division will roll out – drumroll, please – 30 other shades. Expect the colours to be centred around three overarching colourways – Pop, Nude and Noir – with the whole shebang slated for release in the U.S. from August 31, 2014.

As for the signature shade itself, Rouge Louboutin will be stashed in a special receptacle of its own: A strikingly sexy flacon with faceted sides, a gradient glass effect and a conical cap recalling the teeteringly tall heel of the brand’s Ballerina Ultima stiletto.

3 must-know facts about Christian Louboutin’s new nail polish b2.png

These varnish vessels will do double duty as weapons to ward off Secret app enemies

All told, the bottle will stand at a staggering eight inches tall; snarky scribes have already been heard sniping in the office pantry about the true-to-form impracticality of this new Louboutin baby.

Price point? At US$50 (S$62) per pop, this nail enamel is aimed squarely at the well-heeled (sorry, couldn’t resist). The Saks Fifth Avenue flagship in New York City will get first dibs in terms of point of sale, followed by the 15 Louboutin boutiques in the U.S. on August 6, 2014. Brace yourself for Facebook rants from nail art aficionados fighting tooth and claw for the coveted collection!

3. What’s in the pipeline? Two words: Loubie lips. Now that Monsieur Louboutin has dipped his manicured tootsies into the cushy cosmetics market, there are already whispers (from well-respected industry rag WWD, no less) that the other shoe to drop will be none other than … a red lippie. Red soles, red polish, red lip. Brilliant, yes?

We’ll keep you posted on the purported lip lacquer, but those itching to get their paws on the polish can take matters into their own hands and cut through the red tape by ordering said product via Christian Louboutin’s U.S. site. Signing off with one last pun: Don’t get caught red-handed without the most popular polish in town!

For more information, visit asia.christianlouboutin.com/sg_en/discover-red and follow Christian Louboutin on Facebook and Twitter.