Hey girlfriend, are you a manicure maniac? High five, you’ve clicked your way to the right place. For now, you’re in the good hands of nail technician Fan Wenqing of SoQ Nails, whose only brief was to conjure up the coolest and trendiest treats for our model Constance’s talons.
I trust this terrific trio of nail art looks will come in handy for your next monthly meet-up with your manicurist. All hands on deck? Good, let’s go!
This head-turner has arty abstract fingerprints all over it. Take a gilded leaf from shock jock Jackson Pollock by going absolutely bonkers with the polish; Wenqing ran with a vaguely patriotic red-and-white colourway, but feel free to do whatever you want, really: The goal is to look as if your digits have been dipped in multiple pots of polish.
When you’ve dabbed and daubed to your heart and nails’ content, seal in all of the swirls and whirls with a clear topcoat, and you’re good to go. Voila! A mesmerising manicure worthy of display at a fine art museum.
Try this icecream-inspired look for a fingerlickin’ twist on the good ol’ French mani. The pretty pastel strawberries and lemons subbing for the Frenchie’s traditional white tips should sit well with girls with a “sweet” tooth.
Another delicious detail deserving of a thumbs up? Note the sexy shot of subtle shimmer on randomly selected nail-tips. What you do is to press on a smidgen of glitter polish at the cuticle, then use the brush from the polish bottle to smear the sparkly bits right down to the tips. Like rainbow sprinkles on candy confectionery!
An ode to the Singapore skyline at sundown, the inky background serves as a foil to the festive flecks – the way stars twinkle the brightest against the blackest sky.
I’m also in love with the gorgeous geometric shapes striping the middle of selected nails; the “inverted V” chevron markings make for such a clever spin on the “negative space” nail trend. The strategic “no-paint” zones of this particular design lend the intriguing illusion of crescents of colour hovering over a nude nail bed; throw in the hypercool holographic overlay and you’ve got a futuristic intergalactic theme that’s perfect for a midnight screening of Star Wars.
Easy enough all in all, right? Experiment over the weekend and try not to blind your buddies with your newly bejewelled set of talons!
Nail art: Fan Wenqing from SoQ Nails. Makeup: Dollei Seah from Makeup Entourage, using YSL Beaute, Estee Lauder & Tom Ford. Hair: Zhou Aiyi from Makeup Entourage, using Bedhead by Tigi. Art direction: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong. Styling: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong. Model: Constance Faye Lau/Upfront Models.