As beauty junkies, we know that half the battle against ageing is won when you’re diligent with your skincare routine.

The next half however, is trickier: Keeping a healthy diet, a regular exercise routine and finding the right products for your skin. (Yup, a friendly reminder about your list of new year’s resolutions.)

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But how do you actually tell if your new anti-ageing routine is working, apart from just feeling that your skin looks “firmer” and “plump”?

Snap, pinch and pout, says Dr Terry Loong, a London-based skin doctor. The Body Shop Global Skincare Expert was in Singapore for the launch of the brand’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, which claims to promote cell renewal while moisturising the skin.

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Here’s what she shared at the event:

“Snap” the skin under your eyes by lightly pinching it. Remember: Do it lightly – you don’t want to develop more fine lines and wrinkles in the process.

Check for lines forming right above your cheek, just under where you’re pinching. It’s an indicator of how dehydrated your skin is. If you see lots of them, it’s time to pile on the hydrating creams and serums; products with hyaluronic acid works beautifully for this.

The next thing to look out for is how fast your skin snaps back.

Pinch your cheeks right under the cheekbone. Full and fleshy cheeks are a sign of skin that’s firm and youthful. Those with thinner skin around the cheeks should focus on boosting collagen content and preventing its degradation in your skin by upping your intake of antioxidants and using a good sunscreen. Fine lines around the cheeks are also a telltale sign of skin dehydration, so always remember to keep it moisturised, too.

The area around the mouth and under the nose gets dry easily. So pout your lips in front of a mirror, then relax. Watch out for vertical lines that are still present between the nose and upper lips. The principle here is the same as the cheeks – more lines, means the need for more wrinkle reducing products to help boost collagen in the skin.

So remember: Snap, pinch and pout, but don’t be too forceful or you’ll end up creating more wrinkles in the process!

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