Ditch tightlining and go bold with your eyeliner. Try these three easy looks – the Block, the new Cat-Eye and the Reverse Smoky Eye – with tips from our makeup artist Dollei Seah.
Swap out your usual winged eyeliner for a colourful, graphic block instead. To get that precise line, Dollei advises first drawing two parallel lines, connecting them, then filling in the rectangle with a liquid eyeliner. Skip the tightlining and play with as much colour as you want!
Get bold with your cat-eye and connect it to your crease line if you’ve got double eyelids, or draw over it if they’re hidden. Ladies with monolids will have the most fun with this, because you can control how wide you want the wing to look. The only thing to take note of? Make sure you fade the line out before it reaches the centre of the lid.
And the easier one, too. All you need to do is to line, smudge and go! Dollei however, advises those prone to eye bags to stay away from colors like brown, grey and green because it’ll make your eyes look even puffier. Stick to dark, harsh colours like black and navy blue. Here, she lines the model’s eye with a kohl pencil, then goes over with a shimmery eyeshadow – easy peasy.

Makeup: Dollei Seah from Makeup Entourage, using YSL Beaute, Estee Lauder & Tom Ford. Hair: Zhou Aiyi from Makeup Entourage, using Bedhead by Tigi. Art direction: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong. Styling: Eugene Quek and Sabrina Tiong. Model: Constance Faye Lau/Upfront Models.