3 best lightweight hair oils for dry frizzy hair NEW B.pngImage: Innisfree

Hair oils are liquid love for your locks. They’re great for instant gratification; one pump is all it takes to lend your moistureless mane a shampoo ad-worthy sheen.

Even better, the current crop of featherweight formulas are fabulous for on-the-go touch-ups without weighing down on your head. Here’s a terrific trio of the best oil-based potions and pomades, for your purchasing consideration, please:

Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum, $15

3 best lightweight hair oils for dry frizzy hair innisfree.png

Start with a shine-boosting serum by way of Innisfree’s incredibly comforting Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum, which is chock-full of cuticle-conditioning camellia oil. Beauty bonus: This subtly scented and sensationally silky serum has been designed to sink straight in, so you needn’t fret about leaving an embarrassing oil slick in your wake.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime, $62

3 best lightweight hair oils for dry frizzy hair Kerastase.png

Another neat way of deploying oils is as a protective primer. I like Kerastase’s excellent Elixir Ultime, which boasts a blend of four botanical oils and is perfect for use as a pampering pre-styling sealant; simply smooth into the ends of damp hair before blow-drying.

Best bit: Feel free to use it as and when you like a little extra luster. Before stepping into the club, for instance, rake in just the tiniest bit through the ends of your tresses for a photoshoot-ready patina.

Aesop Shine, $45

3 best lightweight hair oils for dry frizzy hair aesop.png

Oils are also perfect for taming pesky flyaways; for this purpose, opt for Aesop Shine, which has such an invigorating citrusy tang and is awesome for lending a really reflective mirror-like mirage. Dispense one or two drops between your palms and lightly skim across the surface for a generous shot of shine.

Right, then. I hope these top treats for your tresses will get you out of future hairy situations. Good luck!

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